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Every tweet is a waterfall: Coldplay on the net

Social Networks have turned upside down the way brands interact with customers. Today, we could say that participating actively in social networks is almost essential to succeed in business. Coldplay band is aware of the relavance the Internet has, and so has developed a commincation strategy that enables their music to be advertised on the net.

Susan Payton ” Whether it’s you or someone else at your company, you need to dedicate someone to social media strategy.

Coldplay’s members use quite often their social networks, however,  apart from themselves, they have some staff that rules their accounts  to make them more active and complete.  The content is updated several times each day with content that attracts fans, such as videos, photographs and life concerts. In general, their Web Communication Plan is being successful as they have  almost 16 million followers on Facebook and 5 million followers in Twitter.According to Presentation Advisors, brands need to follow some structures to organize properly their Social Media Strategy and boost their economic activity:

Presentation advisors: How can  business implement Social Media Strategy? 1. Stablish goals 2.Listen to your audience 3. Build (choose your channels wisely) 4. Engage with transparecy, frequency and participation. 5. Analyze and optimize the results.

However, there is an aspect that Colplay’s WCP is not fullfilling as much as it could: the second one, Interaction. Antony Mayfield states that the social strategy of a brand should be about putting a litle bit of social into every move the business makes. Coldplay rarely interacts with its followers. Though it is true that they receive such a big feedback that answering all the comments would be impossible, they should give more importance to this fact. For answering comments, they only use a section on their webpage, The Oracle, where all the questions are answered by a person close to the band. On their Web Communication Plan, they give particular importance to the official web page, which is crucial for the band. The page is really well updated and has an ellaborated design. In fact, when they publish some content on Facebook or Twitter, this content are quite often links to the web page. Susan Payton  explains that “An unattended Facebook Page leaves a negative impression of the company” . The same happens with Twitter and all the Social Networks. Coldplay is aware of this fact and so has defined the maintenance of their accounts as a primary objective on their advertising policies. Recently they have also created a Google+account to keep the band up to date. Being relevant on the net is crucial for every enterprise. None of them can forget about it. Neither Coldplay. Coldplay’s accounts on Social Networks:

  1. Facebook: http:// www.facebook.com/coldplay
  2. Twitter: http:// www.twitter.com/#!/coldplay
  3. Official web page: http:// http://www.coldplay.com
  4. Google+: https://plus.google.com/115209943765910868932/posts
  5. Myspace:http:// www.myspace.com/coldplay


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