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The Voice

December 11, 2012 Leave a comment

‘The voice’ is a talent show which began in Holland and was later copied in United Kingdom and United States, and that finally has come to Spain with an incredible success of viewers.

“The program” The voice “was devised by John de Mol, creator of Big Brother, and it differs from other shows of singing talent because only will evaluate the potential of voice without giving importance to the physical appearance of the participants. The contest is divided into different phases: “auditions blindly”, battles and finally, the live performances. The objective of this program is to try to find the best voice in our country.

On the other hand, the jury, formed by four coaches, professional of music, David Bisbal, Rosario Flores, Malu and Melendi, they hear the aspirants backs, only hearing his voice. If they like them, they will give back to their chairs. When a majority of judges is turned, the applicant or applicants pass to the next phase.

The Voice is a very popular program where the public take part to elect the new voice of the country. In society, where we are, new technologies and social networks are essential, is obvious to use them for the benefit of the program to improve the dissemination and thereby increase the audience. The important thing when using these means is to facilitate its dissemination and accessibility for users to enjoy the performances of the contestants; and that have been made with social networks, where there may be all kinds of applications that promote the diffusion of the contents in The Voice. The best social networks are Twitter and Facebook. But also used YouTube where crashing performances, that allows a follow-up in the network of what occurs during the program.



December 11, 2012 Leave a comment


YouTube has become one of the most popular websites worldwide. Most of us have used it in order to see videos or share them with our friends, but its history stills unknown for many of us, we don’t even know if it creates benefit or not.

YouTube is a website where users can upload and share videos. YouTube Inc was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim (three former employees of PayPal) in February 2005 in San Bruno, California. The domain was activated on February 15, 2005, and on April 23 the first video, Me at the Zoo (‘Me at the zoo’), was uploaded. In the spring, YouTube went online. But, developers quickly realized that users were carrying all kinds of videos, leaving behind the original idea. Traffic soared as people began to put YouTube links in their MySpace pages. The rapid growth of the site attracted Time Warner and Sequoia Capital, which invested in it. After that, in October 2005, Nike placed a spot featuring Ronaldinho and large companies began to be attracted to YouTube. Read more…

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Rip Curl (advertising through social networks)

December 3, 2011 Leave a comment

James E. Rauch asserts that current new transportation and communications technologies allow the smallest firm to build partnerships with foreign producers and advertised themselves around the world. As for social marketing everyone’s talking about Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Blogging. But why are these websites important for business owners? Social Media Marketing is popular because it promotes dialogue and allows consumers to share experiences with others. Rip Curl is one of these companies that uses social networks, web pages and microblooging to advertise its company, products, events, etc. Read more…

Grooming, cyberbullying, child abuse and other problems of social networks

November 28, 2011 Leave a comment

A study by Monash University finds out that privacy is the most common argument against social networking sites. Privacy is a topic that teenagers do not take into account. They create a profile in a social network but they do not think where can finish all this information they add, adn it can be manipulated. Read more…

Greenpeace, su identidad digital

Greenpeace es una organización que abarca un gran espacio en la web, mostrando numerosas identidades. Su influencia se está expandiendo desde que, con la llegada de internet, comenzaron a usar el correo electrónico con el fin de crear los primeros civeractivistas. Sus múltiples identidades digitales afectan tanto globalmente, como en lo que respecta a áreas específicas.

Fundada en Vancouber, Canadá, en 1971, Greenpeace es hoy en día una organización mundialmente conocida (y establecida) que se dedica a proteger y defender el medio ambiente y promover la paz.

La identidad digital es es la revolución anticipada de la verificación de la identidad en línea utilizando tecnologías emergentes centradas al usuario. Greenpeace se muestra en internet mediante diferentes recursos. (Wikipedia) Read more…

The New York Times on Social Networks

November 16, 2011 Leave a comment

 The New York Times‘s presence on the web is huge, almost reaching  4 million followers on Twitter by the middle of November, having more than 30 Twitter accounts and tweeting constantly to their millions of followers. Meanwhile their Facebook  account has been favourited by up to 2 million people. Their LinkedIn account is not so popular, and it focuses mainly on their businesses. Besides, they have many blog pages (more than 30 also) they keep on their own, apart from their own webpage, a Youtube channel, another official web page, an account on Foursquare and a not too well mantained MySpace account. Read more…


December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Innobasque, the Basque Innovation Agency – Euskal Berrikuntzaren Agentzia is a private non-profit organization created with the aim of being the instrument of coordination and promotion for the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that this organization has an account in almost every social network apart from their own web page. Read more…

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