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The Pleasure of Drawing

December 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Drawing is an activity well known all around the world. Many people see it as a hobby, just as a way of entertaining yourself, others see it as a method of making money, and a few think of it as an instrument which anyone can handle to free their minds, and let the imagination take over their brains.


To learn how to draw, a teacher isn’t mandatory, and the only required things are practice, a possitive attitude and the ability to observe. Observing grants the capacity of noticing how shapes are formed, how light reacts to different shapes, textures and materials, and with that knowledge, which is found in the every-day life, anyone can start drawing. By practising, the theory is put to use, and the principles learned via observing start to make sense, making the artworks look better. All that information piles up, and the end result is a tool used to recreate anything that the mind can imagine, and another way of expressing oneself.

Once the basics are well funded deep inside the brain, a style starts developing, depending on the rookie artists thougths, personal experience and his or her likings. This defines the person, and, when the style is fully grown and refined, the learning proccess of the artist is finished.



One can draw epic medieval battle scenes, portraits, manifestations of feelings… in a true display of imagination allowed by vast range of materials at anyones availability, which goes from the traditional charcoal pencil, to pastels, brushes, watercolors, and even computer programs,  which have an impressive amount options to make drawings in any way desired. Every tool has a different effect that enriches the

piece, making it deeper, and  nicer in every way. It also adds a sense of authenticity which makes the difference between a good drawing and an excelent work that captivates the emotions and feelings that the author wants to express through that picture. Not only that, but it also distinguishes the drawings that get exposed to the public and get sold from the other works that, even if they are great, don’t get exhibited.


A portrait is a great example. If the technique and the materials used are good, but the proportions of the face aren’t identical to the model, the piece will not succeed, because it won’t be a top drawing, which is what people are looking for when they are portraited. It happens the same if the gray scales used in the work are not enough, and more dark and pale tones would make the portrait as realistic and professional looking as a photograph.

In the end, it all comes up to what the artist is looking for, and if he or she is happy with the result, the work will be a total and resounding success. Even if this form of art seems difficult, everyone can learn it, and it is one of the best ways of giving freedom to the artistic side of every person, showing the most complex feelings in just a scribble in the corner of an old piece of paper.


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