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Fashion in France

December 12, 2012 Leave a comment

As everyone knows, France has always been the queen of fashion, the perfect style’s image.

Throughout the last century, France became the most representative of the country in the world of fashion, cosmetics and perfumery. Many or even all French brands are the leaders in these areas.

From haute couture to prêt à porter, from luxury perfumes to the cheapest, the whole spectrum of this sector has been held by French companies, some of which are world leaders. Brands such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Lacoste and Du Pareil have made this country a reference.

Nowadays, France continues inspiring the irresistible clothing brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Balmain, Lanvin …

Now I will give a brief summary of those companies which I think have inspired the fashion trends of other nations.


Gabrielle Chanel was born in 1883 and she had, a sad childhood. Nicknamed Coco, or Mademoiselle, she had great strength of character. In 1910 she decided to open her first store, the store was called Chanel Modes.

Coco Chanel was not like any other. She invented the “sport” mode, she did not draw her models, it assembles on the client, she created a new silhouette, she also dared using the jersey for the first time, she cut her hair and appeared in trousers…

Aggressive for those days. She was always one step ahead of the trends of those days. In 1924 she created the a new perfume company and also a jewelry workshop to support her mode.

During the Second World War, Gabrielle Chanel withdraws.

It was not until 1983 and the arrival of KARL LAGERFELD that it was possible to see the brand of Chanel revived. He gives a new impetus to the fashion house while keeping the legacy of Mademoiselle Chanel. Today, it also represents the brand.


Louis Vuitton was born in France in 1821 and finally moved to Paris, where he began his first steps as an apprenticeship with a bag manufacturer. One of his first achievements was to conquer the refined taste of the Napoleon III’s wife, Empress Eugenie, and from there, nothing was the same: that allowed him to capture the attention and taste of prestigious personalities. Finally his brand was born in the year 1854 as the reference point of leather goods, handbags and suitcases mainly. Like all great, the brand began to be forged and is today one of the most imitated brands.

In 1885, Louis Vuitton opened a store in London. In 1978, he managed to conquer Japan, the market of excellence luxury. Meanwhile the United States is the second largest market, where the brand has 85 stores.

In advertising campaigns, it is possible to see the most prestigious models in the world of fashion, few names: Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Eva Herzigova, who put their face and body to represent this brand

Nowadays the brand has 322 stores and is present in 52 countries. To do their job the brand leather workshops in France, Spain and California, and even today, most of these products are manufactured according to traditional methods, which characterize and distinguish this great company.


Christian Dior consolidated his fashion brand as one of the most prestigious in the world. French couturier was also a visional in his time and has revolutionized haute couture with his style dubbed as “New Look”.

Dior began studying political science and music because the insistence of his parents, but he had other motivations.

The family business went bankrupt, so he decided to become a fashion model’s illustrator. He started selling his drawings to various newspapers of Paris, but he found a job in 1938 as a designer in the business models of Robert Piguet.

In 1946, he set up his own Parisian couture company with financial assistance from the textil manufacturer Marcel Boussac. The following year, he presented his first collection that marked the evolution and became known as the “New Look.”

The style of the French couturier made his point to create an image of a  very feminine woman with mid-calf skirts, tight waist and narrow shoulders.

Following the introduction of this new style, the fashion designer opened a year later an office in New York and with later the company would expand to other major cities such as Milan, Tokyo, Shanghai , Hong Kong, Boston, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Las Vegas or San Francisco.

Black, blue and white are Dior’s favorite colors, who kept every detail accompanied by exquisite elegance and refined. After his death in 1957, the company continued with successors as Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan and Gianfranco Ferre. John Galliano is now who deals with the design of models of the brand.

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