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Facebook, ¿inocencia o controversia?

Facebook tiene una relación llena de controversias con su privacidad y este es un factor que se demuestra a lo largo de la vida de esta red social. Dado que han sido muchos los incidentes relacionados con este tema, Mashable realizó una infografía en la que relata los seis años de controversia entre Facebook y la privacidad. Como resultado de la infografía he seleccionado los cinco incidentes más importantes:

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Rome – The subject of my choice: Italian.

This post is dedicated to the city of Rome, related to the subject Italian language, in which we have been studying not only grammar, but also Italian culture and different cities.

ColloseumI was in Rome one year ago. I spent few days, but saw almost everything which is worth visiting. One of my favorite places in the city is the Colloseum, considered as wonder of the world. It is very impressive and has a very rich history. It is the largest amphitheatre ever built in the Roman Empire. Read more…

Harvard’s Web Communication Plan

This post is about Harvard’s Web Communication Plan. Harvard is a well-known and prestigious university. Although it is the oldest institution of higher learning in the USA, Harvard’s university has a huge web communication plan, and it is present in all of the main social networks and websites. Read more…

Should organizations in Facebook open groups, pages or sites?

Zara, Movistar (España), Nokia, Los 40 Principales and Coca-Cola are all companies which have a place on Facebook. All of them are pages, where we can find information about the companies and its products. The companies use them to publicise themselves and attract more customers, and show their last promotions and innovations. It also enable the customers to make suggestions. Read more…

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