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Munich and Christmas

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With this post, I want you to explain a little bit a topic which is related with Christmas. Here, I tell my experience in Munich and its Christmas Markets, giving different details and encouraging people to visit the wonderful city of Munich.

Three years ago I visited by this period of time one city that personally I love it; this city was Munich. Munich is the capital of Bavaria in south Germany and it is famous because of the Beer Celebration “Oktoberfest” and because it is the capital of the well-know  car factory of BMW and the headquarter of “Bayern München” football team. But, the first time, when I visited the city, I only enjoyed visiting the incredible Christmas Market of the city that my German teacher had encouraged me to visit one year before.

The Munich Christmas Market is not the only one in Germany,also there are other Christmas Markets  Central Europe, but it is the oldest Christmas Market of Germany. The tradition of this event set out in XIV century, although the form of today´s market started in 1972. On the other hand, the main Christmas Market of Munich is in the city centre, in Marienplatz, even if all city is decorated and in all areas are different and more familiar Christmas Markets.

The name of the market is “Christkindlmarkt” because it refers to the Jesus Baby, and we have to remember that we are in a very Catholic part of Germany. Apart from that, this character is the character that brings the presents to children in South-Germany, Austria and Switzerland. By this time of the year, people who visit Munich will be able to enjoy listening fantastic choruses of children in markets, but also in anywhere, for instance in “Frauenkirche” Cathedral, or in the streets of the Bavarian capital city.Chistmas Market

But, what can we say about different foods? Not only in Germany are sausages, sauerkraut or knuckle, there are other ingredients, other flavors in German gastronomy, and this period of time is a really good time to try out with other recipes of the Germanic country. For example, in Munich, in Christmas and in other cities of Germany, is very typical the “Glühwine”, also the typical Christmas biscuits, chocolates, and so on. On the night, the city become into a spectacular landscape of lights whose central element is a fir tree in the centre of Council Square (Marienplatz) and in front of the “Altrathaus”. What it´s more, if you want, you have the opportunity to visit different nativity scenes in streets of the city; there is as well a market where is specializing in Bethlehem figures.

I have to say that I was only once in winter, in Germany, but I know that there are other different Christmas Markets, for instance in “Köln” (Cologne), where there are other four different Christmas Markets. But, only two are deserved to be visited obligatorily: “Am Dom” near the famous cathedral and the other one: “Alter Market” where the activity is frenetic.
On the hand, and in the same region where Munich is, we have Nuremberg and its Christmas Market. Here, there is an ancient tradition which it consist on a solemn opening of the market. The “Christkind” offers a speech and the market start.

In any case, visit Germany in winter can be a wonderful option to have contact with the old tradition of Christmas Markets. Here we don´t have this kind of tradition, since the markets were an invention against the winter´s cold, so if we want to try out the Christmas spirit, Munich our city. But we have to remember that the majority of markets are usually closed to the Christmas Day.


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