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Free topic post. “My favorite vlogger: Charlie McDonnell”

December 7, 2012 Leave a comment

As an English student I’ve always been looking for ways to improve the way I speak and I understand this language and the Internet has helped me a lot during these years because watching videos in English is the best thing anyone can do to improve their listening and speaking. One day I was looking for some videos and I found some people who called themselves vloggers. I didn’t know what that was so I made a bit of research and I found out that they were video bloggersm people who made videos and uploaded them on YouTube to share their opinions or experiences with the general public.

So I started visitqtei6ddc0ir3uzciqe5ving their YouTube channels and there was one that I really liked by a British boy from Bath called Charlie McDonnell. He was the perfect vlogger for me. He spoke English perfectly, (because he was English of course) and he also spoke about interesting things like science and books, not like other vloggers who talked about what they did on their holidays and that stuff. I became a fan of his videos instantly and I also found out that he was becoming popular each day which I really liked because even my friends had watched his videos. His channel “charlieissocoollike”became the first UK channel to reach a million subscribers and it was even spotlighted on the YouTube’s front page.

The great thing about Charlie is that he was improving his videos each day and that he really dedicated time to create them. He also cared about what his viewers thought about them and he asked them about how he could improve. He also was famous because he created different series of videos like the “Challenge Charlie” series, were people sent him challenges that later he would accomplish in a new video and the “Fun Science” series were he explained science in an easy way that everyone could understand (even me!)

But Charlie is not just a Youtuber, he is also a musician.  Later on he started uploading his own songs and they also became very popular, like “Duet with myself” which reached more than seven million plays. After seeing his success he created a music band with some fellow YouTubers like his best friend Alex Day or “nerimon” who is also a vlogger that I really recommend you to watch. This band is called “Chamaleon Circuit” honoring the British show Doctor Who which they adore.

But, what is really special about this YouTuber is that he uses his success and his millions of viewers around the globe to help other people. He and Alex are always participating in charity projects and doing television appearances to raise money for different organizations. The most famous one was in 2011 when they shaved their heads to raise money for UK’s Cancer Research.

I don’t know if I can find a reason why I have chosen him for my post but I think that I have done it because I want to share his amazing work with all of you and I would be happy if just one of you become a fan of his videos. The guy deserves it because he cares about his work like no one. So, why don’t we get started?

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