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A clockwork orange

December 12, 2012 Leave a comment

A clockwork orange is a film produced in 1971, written and directed by Stanley Kubrick and bassed on the Anthony Burgess novella A clockwork orangeThe film shows disturbing and violents images of the young gang that appears in the film.


Malcom McDowell as Alex 


James Marcus as Georgie

james marcus

Warren Clarke as Dim

               warren clarke                                                                                                                          



The film happens in a futuristic London. Alex, is the leader of a gang called droogs. One night, aClockwork-Orangefter drinking milk plus in their favourite bar, they go to a writter’s house asking for help, and when his wife opens the door, they come in, rape and kill the woman and torture the writer.After that, they go to their houses until next day, when Alex’s “droogs” believe that he wouldn’t be the leader and face him by leaving him alone in a house while he’s illegally entering it.

After killing the woman, the police finally arrives and sends him to jail, where he almost “recoveres” and is sent to a psychiatric where he is used to proove the Ludovico technique. After this, he ends up worse than he had arrived, because if he saw a little sign of violence around him, made him feel sick, so he couldn’t stand it.

When he goes out of the psychiatric, he discoveres that two of his “droogs” have become policeman, and in a sign of superiority they immerse Alex’s head in water almost drowning him. After being hit and dropped by the policemen at a house he asks for help, and he realizes that he is in the house of the writer. The writher, who is aware od the Ludovico technique, torures Alex until he drops himself from the window.He finally wakes up in the hospital after being practised a lobotomy, so, instead of curing him, they make him stupid.


  • Kubrick came up with the idea of the unifor when Malcom McDowell showed him his cricket-player costume.
  • While filming the Ludovico technique scene, McDowell scratched a cornea and ended up temporary blind.
  • The doctor standing beside him, was a real doctor who made sure that McDowell’s eyes did not dry.
  • The only special effect used in the film is when Alex jumps of the window atempting suicide. To film this scene, Kubrick dropped the camera 6 times from the window, so that the scene could be seen from Alex’s point of view.
  • Kubrick had to re-edit the film a year after its release for having received death threats.
  • The title refers to a say: “as queer as a clockwork orange”. Burgess thought that it could refer to a mechanical (clockwork) human (orang, that in Malay means “man”).


Alex on a homeless:

“One thing I could never stand was to see a filthy dirty old drunky howling away at the filthy songs of his fathers and going blurp blurp in between as it might be a filthy old orchestra in his stinking rotten guts;I could never stand to see anyone like that. whatever his age might be, but more especially when he was real old like this one was”

Alex explaining their lifestyle:

” There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, sitting in the Korova Milkbar trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening. Theyr sold milk-plus, which is what we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence”

The last words of the film, by Alex:

“I was cured, all right!”


After pronouncing the words “I was cured, all right!“, we can see that, in Alex’s mind, he is imagining an orgy of sex and violence, so it makes us think that he has been sarcastic with that last remark. Also could be, that the cure, by his point of view, was that he could think by himself again, no matter what society said.



It is a fact that The Simpsons”  has made a reference to a clockwork orange several times. In fact, Matt Groening(the creator of “The Simpsons”, was a real fan of the film.







RSS: Informazio tresna paregabea

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Internet informazioz gainezka dago, eta, gainera, hainbat dira argitaratzeko erabiltzen diren web komunikazio tresnak. Blog-ak izan ohi dira, ordea, informazio iturririk fidagarri eta emankorrenak. Seguruenik blog batzuen jarraitzailea zara, edota gai jakin baten inguruan argitaratzen denaren berri izan nahi duzu, horretarako egunero hainbat webgunetan sartzen eta edukiak bilatzen orduak ematen dituzu. Arakatze lan horretaz aspertuta? Informazioa argitaratu bezain laister jaso nahi duzu? Hona hemen RSS sistema.

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Internet 2.0: Nor zara?

December 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Nortasun digitala hobetzeko, Albert Garcia-k bere 10 ideas imprescindibles para la identidad digital blog sarreran ideia batzuk proposatzen dizkigu. Blogging eta Microblogging-ean aritzeaz gain, sare sozialetan profil bat zabaltzea gomendatzen digu, izan ere, gaur egun sare sozialak harreman profesionaletarako sareak bilakatu dira. Idazterako orduan, aldiz, gezurrik ez esatea, spam-ik ez egitea, haserre gaudenean ez idaztea eta zintzoa izatea onuragarria litekeela adierazten du. Read more…

Mikroblogintza, blogaren seme gazteena

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Pasa dira bost urte, Wired aldizkarian Paul Boutinek idatzitako artikulu bat irakurri eta, kamarada, gauzak nola aldatzen diren ikusi duzu.

“Zeure bloga idazten hasi behar al duzu? –dio artikuluaren hasierak– Hona lagun baten aholkua: ez egin. Eta honezkero bloga baldin badaukazu, kendu entxufea”.

Orain Twitter, Facebook eta antzekoen garaia bizi dugu, sare sozialen aroa, Interneteko azken zurrunbilo eroa; eta, Boutinek dioenez, blogek berrikuntzaren treneko txartela galdu dute. Zergatik? Lehen geltokia: dirua

“Blogosfera, behinola norbere adierazpenen eta pentsamendu argien oasi fresko izandakoa, ordaindutako gauzen tsunami batek ito du”.

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Dani Martínez: making laugh via social networks.

December 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Dani Martínez (Spanish comedian, actor and TV presenter) publishes, advertises and promotes his work in many social networks and blogs, since he knows the importance of developing a good web communication strategy nowadays. For that the comedian uses his personal web (Dani Martínez Web), his Twitter account (@danimartinezweb) and his Facebook page (Dani Martinez). In addition to this, his work and news appear on numerous other pages such us in Otra Movida program´s page (Otra Movida) and in his fans blogs, webs and Twitter accounts. Even if he has taken part in many TV series which have shot him to fame, a significant part of his marketing campaign is developed through social networks, as his friends and followers in Facebook and Twitter keep on growing day by day.

The actor keeps daily in touch with his fans and has a quite large list of followers (around 450.000, 2011.14.10) as he always sends rather funny comments. The personal description on his Facebook page could be an example:

Sobre mí: Personaje que se dedica a las variedades

(Véase en Wikipedia Norma Duval).

The “Top 100 most popular Facebook pages in the world 2011”, for instance, evidences that comedy pages like comedy shows or comedians are among those who have more fans on this social network. These are some examples: Family Guy, South Park and The Simpsons, which have around 30.000.000 fans (23/10/2011). This means Facebook users search for humour and funny pages, as they want to entertain and amuse themselves while using the web. This may be one of the reasons why Dani Martinez is such a success on Facebook and other social networks.

In 5 Proven Twitter Marketing Strategies by Todd Wasserman (2011.06.22), five ways of promoting a brand or individual are explained. Here you have one of their tips: using hastaghs.

While “follow us on Twitter” messages from marketers appear ubiquitous, hashtags can be more effective.

Dani Martínez follows this strategy and uses both national and worldwyde trending topics and hastaghs for his own promotion. In fact, he has started some hastaghs that eventually become TT in Spain, for instance: #queprefieres.

In a nutshell, Dani Martínez has developed a really effective marketing strategy via social networks that is making him nationally well-known. He has actually taken into account experts such as Claire Jarrett´s, British online marketing consultant, statements:

Corporations have begun to acknowledge the importance of social media sites in making a mark in the business field. All the latest launches, announcements and other ongoing incidents related to a company are now announced through these social media sites.

– Picture from: Quique Rodrígez (2011-01-11) Entrevista a Dani Martínez (Tonterías Las Justas) . In a Fuego lento, retrieved 2011.11.25 from

– Todd Wasserman (2011.06.22)5 Proven Twitter Marketing Strategies. In Mashable, retrieved 2011.11.06 from

– Antony Mayfield (2010.10.7). 8 Quick Tips for Developing a Facebook Marketing Strategy. In Mashable Retreived 2010.12.24 from

– Clare jarret (2010.12.21) An Insite Into Social Media Sites. In RINF News, retrieved 2011.11.25 from

Identitate digital profesionala, benetan erabilgarria?

November 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Internet-en eskutik, beste gauza askoren moduan, profesionalen artean komunikatzeko modua aldatu egin da; horrenbestez, identitate digital profesionala edukitzea ia ezinbestekoa bihurtu da:

Ésta es una tendencia al alza, ya que el impacto de la reputación profesional en Internet tiene cada vez más influencia en los procesos de selección para un trabajo en España y en toda Europa” (Pedro Sánchez zuzendaria Espainia eta Portugalen)

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My Web Comunication Plan: Alhóndiga Bilbao en la Red

El plan de comunicación web de Alhóndiga Bilbao se canaliza a través de  las redes sociales,  el uso de diferentes blogs y la página web oficial, con el fin de que la Alhóndiga pertenezca a todos los ciudadanos y ciudadanas. Más allá de una forma interesante de informar sobre las actividades cotidianas de Hó –nombre comercial de la Alhóndiga en las redes sociales–, pretende la participación de usuarios de diferentes edades, construyendo entre todos una opción interactiva y común en la Red. Read more…

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