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Knowledge Management

According to wikipedia Knowledge management (KM) comprises a range of strategies and practices used in an organization to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences. Such insights and experiences comprise knowledge, either embodied in individuals or embedded in organizations as processes or practices.

Bellinger, Gene says:

The value of Knowledge Management relates directly to the effectiveness with which the managed knowledge enables the members of the organization to deal with today’s situations and effectively envision and create their future.

There are some related topics to Knowledge Management as:

– Knowledge community

– Knowledge ecosystem

-Knowledge engineering

– Knowledge Management Software

As AIAI says these are Knowledge Management Frameworks:

The knowledge management framework we use was originally based on work by van der Spek and de Hoog. It covers

  • identifying what knowledge assets a company possesses
    • Where is the knowledge asset?
    • What does it contain?
    • What is its use?
    • What form is it in?
    • How accessible is it?
  • analysing how the knowledge can add value
    • What are the opportunities for using the knowledge asset?
    • What would be the effect of its use?
    • What are the current obstacles to its use?
    • What would be its increased value to the company?
  • specifying what actions are necessary to achieve better usability & added value
    • How to plan the actions to use the knowledge asset?
    • How to enact actions?
    • How to monitor actions?
  • reviewing the use of the knowledge to ensure added value
    • Did the use of it produce the desired added value?
    • How can the knowledge asset be maintained for this use?


Gerry Coutler: Baudrillard’s Marx

Jean Baudrillard was a French philosopher and sociologist, a cultural critic and theorist of postmodernity, who, unfortunetly, died in 2007. He left a huge work composed by many books, articles and essays, and he is common known, among other things, for analyzing critically Marx‘s ideas.

Marx believed that in economics and its dialectical procedure he found fundamental agency, all he found was what haunts it – Baudrillard, 1976

Because of the interest in this philosopher who had wrote about marxism during the Cold War period and the desire to improve Wikipedia in Basque, I have retrieved some sources for the article. The source I will be commenting is an article of the professor of sociology Gerry Coutler based on Baudrillard’s work and his analysis of Marxim. Read more…

Snodgrass’ book as a reference for our Wikipedia article

Between all the references in Google Books linked to the writer Nora Roberts we can find a book written by Mary Ellen Snodgrass that is absolutely useful for our Wikipedia article since it analyses Nora Roberts’ style and the symbolism of her writing.  Snodgrass provides a plot of summaries of Nora Roberts’ work and tells us about the striking features of her two hundred publications, including regular reissues and editions. This is the main reason for considering  this reference critical for a Wikipedia article about the writer. Snodgrass also tells us about the writer’s life, her work during three decades (the 80s, 90s and 21st century) and the style in which she describes the genre in her books. Moreover, she provides a complete analysis of the relation of the writer with the mass media and the Internet from the page 105 to the page 128 and this is interesting to know her web communication tools and the way she manages information. Apart from this, the book provides different references at the end of its chapter so that the information there is reliable and it is very actual because it was written in 2010. Read more…

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