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Cristiano Ronaldo in Social Networks

December 19, 2011 Leave a comment

El valor de un futbolista, y me refiero a su valor en euros, ya no solo depende de lo bien o mal que juegue, sino de la comunicación que sea capaz de mantener. Internet es una oportunidad magnífica, aunque pocos lo aprovechan. (Yuri Morejón, director of Comunicar es ganar) Read more…

Spanish general elections 2011 and politicians Twitter attempt to win followers (and voters)

December 12, 2011 1 comment

Since Zapatero made public last July that the elections would be brought forward, the candidates from the different parties have been giving particular importance to Microblogging usage, specially on Twitter. Candidates have been tweeting what they were doing or, what they intended to do, if they reached the power. The Nielsen Study has analyzed the Twitter accounts of Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba (PSOE) and Mariano Rajoy (PP) and shows that both politicians twitters were quite inexpressive and not too well developed. Ester Mascaró, looking through the Study, confirms that both accounts were not optimized. Read more…

Dani Martínez: making laugh via social networks.

December 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Dani Martínez (Spanish comedian, actor and TV presenter) publishes, advertises and promotes his work in many social networks and blogs, since he knows the importance of developing a good web communication strategy nowadays. For that the comedian uses his personal web (Dani Martínez Web), his Twitter account (@danimartinezweb) and his Facebook page (Dani Martinez). In addition to this, his work and news appear on numerous other pages such us in Otra Movida program´s page (Otra Movida) and in his fans blogs, webs and Twitter accounts. Even if he has taken part in many TV series which have shot him to fame, a significant part of his marketing campaign is developed through social networks, as his friends and followers in Facebook and Twitter keep on growing day by day.

The actor keeps daily in touch with his fans and has a quite large list of followers (around 450.000, 2011.14.10) as he always sends rather funny comments. The personal description on his Facebook page could be an example:

Sobre mí: Personaje que se dedica a las variedades

(Véase en Wikipedia Norma Duval).

The “Top 100 most popular Facebook pages in the world 2011”, for instance, evidences that comedy pages like comedy shows or comedians are among those who have more fans on this social network. These are some examples: Family Guy, South Park and The Simpsons, which have around 30.000.000 fans (23/10/2011). This means Facebook users search for humour and funny pages, as they want to entertain and amuse themselves while using the web. This may be one of the reasons why Dani Martinez is such a success on Facebook and other social networks.

In 5 Proven Twitter Marketing Strategies by Todd Wasserman (2011.06.22), five ways of promoting a brand or individual are explained. Here you have one of their tips: using hastaghs.

While “follow us on Twitter” messages from marketers appear ubiquitous, hashtags can be more effective.

Dani Martínez follows this strategy and uses both national and worldwyde trending topics and hastaghs for his own promotion. In fact, he has started some hastaghs that eventually become TT in Spain, for instance: #queprefieres.

In a nutshell, Dani Martínez has developed a really effective marketing strategy via social networks that is making him nationally well-known. He has actually taken into account experts such as Claire Jarrett´s, British online marketing consultant, statements:

Corporations have begun to acknowledge the importance of social media sites in making a mark in the business field. All the latest launches, announcements and other ongoing incidents related to a company are now announced through these social media sites.

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The Microblogging Boom

November 26, 2011 Leave a comment
Microblogs were first known as tumblelogs. The term was coined by Why [the lucky stiff] in April 12, 2005, while describing Christian Neukirchen’s Anarchaia:
“Blogging has mutated into simpler forms (specifically, link- and mob- and aud- and vid- variant), but I don’t think I’ve seen a blog like Chris Neukirchen’s Anarchaia, which fudges together a bunch of disparate forms of citation (links, quotes, flickrings) into a very long and narrow and distracted tumblelog.” (Wikipedia)
Jason Kottke (2005) described tumblelogs as Read more…

UN’s Web Communication Plan

July 10, 2011 Leave a comment

A Web communication plan is important for  any organization to get a good promotion and coverage. Here i’m going to analize UN’s Web communication plan. The activity that such a large organization generated
can be overwhelming and chaotic if it’s not managed properly. All of this is managed by the Department of Public Information, that

Serves as liaison between the UN and  civil society. The Department of Public Information is working to spread the message of the United Nations in the world to help the public better understand the activities and objectives of the United Nations.

Read more…

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