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Billie Joe Armstrong.

December 11, 2012 Leave a comment

After a lot of thinking, I have decided to write my “free topic post” about Billie Joe Armstrong, the singer of my favorite band, Green Day. Although I am going to talk about him when he was a kid, then I am going to focus on the band, their albums, and how are them in the moment.

Billie Joe Armstrong, who was born on February 17, 1972, is the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the punk rock band Green day. He was born in Piedmont, California, though he grew up in Rodeo, California. He was the youngest of six children. His mother is Ollie Jackson and his father Andrew Armstrong. He died of cancer on September 16, 1982. Billie wrote a song about him called “Wake me up when September ends”. The title of the song refers to the sentence that he said to his mother when he locked himself in his room because he did not want to go to his father funeral.


At the age of fifteen he and his friend Mike Dirnt formed a band called “Sweet Children” with John Kiffmeyer on drums. After two years they changed the name of the band to “Green Day”. The album often referred as their first was a compilation of some songs from their debut album and some others called “1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours”, in 1991. At this time, John was leaving the band, but everything was not lost, they found another drummer, Tré Cool.

In 1992 they released their second album called “Kerplunk”. In 1994 they released their third studio album called “Dookie”. This album was a commercial success and how they were known by lots of people as a band. In 1995 they released their third studio album called “Nimrod”. In 1997 they released their third studio album called “Insomniac”. In 2000 they released their third studio album called “Warning”. After Dookie they decline in commercial success but they renewed success for the band in 2004 with the album “American Idiot”. It was the first time they reached number one, thanks to the first single also called “American Idiot”.

In 2009 they released their third studio album called “21st century breakdown”. And at the end of this year, “American Idiot: The Musical” opened in Berkeley, California.

This year they are releasing a trilogy whose albums are called “¡Uno!”, “¡Dos!”, and “¡Tré!”. This last album is the only one which is not on sale yet but its released date is December 11. The tour of the new trilogy will start on January or February 2013, there is no clue of the first date yet. They have also confirmed a documentary called “¡Quatro!” In which they are going to show how all the trilogy process has been made.

In September of 2012, Billie Joe confirmed that Jason White has been inducted as an official member of the band.

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