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Free Topic Post: Monaco, an unforgettable paradise.

December 7, 2012 Leave a comment



Who wouldn’t ever want to visit Monaco, the place of the luxury and glam?


Its original name is Principality of Monaco, which is independent since 1297.

It is located on the Côte d’Azur, in Mediterranean Sea, near the Italian border. As a census on 2011 showed, the number of inhabitants was getting on for 37.000. In this incomparable country, French is the official language although English, Italian, and Monegasque (a dialect similar to Provençal) are also usually spoken. Monaco’s beautiful location, natural harbor and the nice mild climate, make it one of the best-known places all over the world.


As said before, this little and emergent principality attracts many people due to the casino, which also contains a theater and the well-known Monte Carlo Opera. Monaco has a 16th-century palace, a 19th-century cathedral, which was built in the Byzantine style, and a noted oceanographic museum, founded in 1910 by Prince Albert I.


Auto racing is popular, and Monaco is home to both the Monte Carlo Rally and the Monaco Grand Prix. These two competitions help in making Monaco even more famous, if possible. The last one has already become one of the most appealing events for Monaco, bringing over 4 times its own population. This competition is very important to improve, even more, its economy and social status among all the countries. The special thing about it is that the track goes between all the important buildings of Monte-Carlo, making it the first urban Grand Prix of the history, since 1929. It has one bend, which has become very popular because it has to be driven very slowly, it is called Loews due to the historical hotel that it is located near this curve.



Summarizing, Monaco is one of the most appealing sites from almost all over the world. Mainly, due to those little details that make the best of it. When luxury is accompanied by such a good surrounding, as it does, the situation cannot be even better. So, if you have never been there, don’t waste your chance and visit it!!

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