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Vizcaya Bridge



     On the page puente Vyzcaya Bridge, specially made for the Vizcaya Bridge and contains detailed information about it. It is a relevant bibliography,  because it is an official page of the Vizcaya Bridge and the page also appears in the bibliography of Wikipedia page. It is made by the company El Transbordador de Vizcaya S.L. and it has the administrative concession to operate the hanging bridge. The site describes the company, and its aim to promote tourism related activities. In this section we find information about the people who have invested a lot into the Bridges structural and operating system aspects. They also opened a pedestrian walkway for the people. At the bottom of the information, you have the option to subscribe to the page, which will keep people informed of the news.

On the home page, there is information about coming events such as the literary competition to promote the bridge. Also, there is information on the new winter schedule to see the bridge. It also has another section about the 120th anniversary since its inauguration. Next to it is a link that shows the bridge through an installed webcam which was placed on it. Under, is a latest news section where you can click to participate on the 2013 Earth Hour, bookmark competition and other interest activities. Under that, there is a coming events section and contact information. All this information is relevant to the Vizcaya Bridge and allows people to join interesting activities, to get to know the bridge better.

At the top of the page, next to the Home box, is the Vizcaya bridge button which has links to the Bridges History, World Heritage, Technical aspects and innovation, activity, prices and awards. It contains huge amounts of information which is available for everybody because it is a world patrimony. There are the options to buy tickets online as well, and there is an online store where people can buy souvenirs. The events held are also posted , and news. The page can be displayed in English or Spanish and the news is posted in esukera as well. Next to the news box, is the Gallery where people can search for their favourite pictures and videos at the Bridge.


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