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December 14, 2012 Leave a comment twitterThe otto group is an big enterprise based in germany and holds several sub companies. The most popular among them is A popular website for online-shopping. In July 2010 the web-shop got 5,6 million visitors. That is more than 160.000 visitors a day. This makes this website a good place to communicate social projects the company is related in. But how does combine social projects and profit oriented marketing?

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Sources Of Ferrari’s Article

What we have selected for our Wikipedia article is : Ferrari’s digital identity. One of the main causes for this election is the fact that apart from considering that Ferrari is one of the best driving companies, we also have got interest to know more about it, and to get closer to it.

We have to take into account the fact that digital identity is becoming more and more important but also controversial nowadays. We surely don’t know in what places can we find sources that are really reliable. The thing is: what is reliability? What makes and article reliable (and “good” at the same time)?

For me, reliability means the following: it’s related to what is true and something that we can believe on, in this case, in a digital sense.
We can find official sources and non official ones,  although the official ones are obviously more reliable, or at least considered more reliable. In adition, there’re also other web pages, like, Ferrari Club or Youtube that also give us information about Ferrari.

We have make use of most type of sources, mainly, blogs, microblogs (twitter accounts), social networks, mainly Facebook, in this case different type of accounts can be found, for instance, Ferrari:
Scuderia Ferrari:
Museo Ferrari:
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi:
Scuderia Ferrari Club:

Apart from that, Ferrary has also got a good place in Google+ and it’s mainly used for promoting Ferrary’s ultimate products.

As always, we haven’t forgotten about taking the opinion of experts into consideration, althoung it’s known that Ferrary is one of the “best” car branches and the cost it has says it all. Finally, we have also made used of some external links and references that has made it us easier to find a way to put all the information together and to come to an agreement.

La Oreja de Van Vogh en la Web

December 20, 2011 1 comment

Pabo Benegas, guitarrista del mítico grupo donostiarra La Oreja de Van Gogh en una entrevista realizada por David Gil en Terra , a la pregunta de cómo había influído el auge de las redes sociales en su carrera declaraba:

De verdad que para nosotros es algo muy interesante. Para empezar nos permitió mantener una relación directa con los fans y seguidores. Ya no tenemos que esperar a que nos hagan una entrevista o que algún medio diga lo que queremos transmitir. Ahora tenemos la capacidad y el control  de enviar lo que queremos, cuando queremos y eso ha sido fundamental. Contamos con la capacidad de llegar a nuestro público de una forma inmediata. El internet se ha convertido en un grandísimo aliado de la música, porque gracias a él podemos llegar más lejos. Read more…

Cristiano Ronaldo in Social Networks

December 19, 2011 Leave a comment

El valor de un futbolista, y me refiero a su valor en euros, ya no solo depende de lo bien o mal que juegue, sino de la comunicación que sea capaz de mantener. Internet es una oportunidad magnífica, aunque pocos lo aprovechan. (Yuri Morejón, director of Comunicar es ganar) Read more…

The truth is out there on the net

December 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Social networks are supposed to be the center of liars and impunity. After a research made by Jeffrey Hancock,and some analisis of Clive Thompson, it’s possible to say that the Internet has become more trustful and honest due to the fear to be exposure to be caught.

The truth is out there on the net. Far from encouraging mass deceit, the web promotes honesty because we fear getting caught, writes Clive Thompson.

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The key to the future: social networks and global communication

December 14, 2011 2 comments

William Uricchio suggests that  “the future of social media is rooted in the past”. Social networking is a natural consequence of our human condition: Aristotle claimed more than 2000 years ago that man is by nature a social animal. Mankind has always sought new and more sophisticated ways to communicate. We witnessed the dawn of a digital era that will surpass everything we ever imagined in terms of information flow. Internet transformed our lifestyles and social behavior, as the physical world and the limitations implied do not exist in cyberspace. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow us to meet our friends and reach and interact with almost anybody online: for the first time in history, a new boundless parallel world of communication lays open to discovery. What will the next step be?

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¿La revolución árabe habría sucedido sin internet?

December 14, 2011 3 comments

En 2007, la bloguera Dalia Ziada en una entrevista realizada por Lali Sandiumenge afirmaba:

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