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Are social networks important in journalism? The answer to this question is yes.Because social netwa27ecdbc6ec9a382e5b53d414046e3a9orks  have increased their importance in journalism, and as several  innovations have  been done in this field, information now is more accesible for people.

Twitter is one of those social networks which  have  reached an important place in the realm of communication. But why  is it so important? The answer is simple, it is the social network with the biggest connection to the concept of news and information. It gives us the possibility of creating our own channel by selecting our friends and apart from that we can create close circles.  Apart from that it is important to remember that social media is a quite useful informative tool because we usually get information through those channels.

After saying that it must be said that there can be found several tools that help us in this purpose of using Twitter for comunicating.  One of the most interesting tools we can find are and Niagarank . The last one is the latest innovation in our country. By using Twitter  it aggregates the most important tweets at the moment, and this means that  it talks about the most popular comments and topics that are being discussed by people.

If we make a deeper analysis of Niagarank, it should be said that it  is a new step in the kind of products that have been developed  in the last years by CodeSyntax. The name is simbolycally connected to a waterfall of news and the ranking that is used to clasify those news. But the most important thing is to know can it be done? To reach this purpose Niagarank follows several users of Twitter and makes a ranking, it aslo ranks the kind of comments those people do.  And as a result of us they publish the most interesting kind of information that can be found in that social network through 42 different channels.

It can be said that Niagarank is a tool that is increasingly growing in Spain, and  the aim is to reach audience in general, but more exactly people that is thirsty for news in different subjects. Apart from that it  can be used from almost any device from tablets to smartphones. It follows almost the same structure that uses  Pinterest and has been widely extended.


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Hypertext and Tim Berners-Lee

Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee  is one of the most important persons in the last twenty years. Thanks to his revolutionary work, we can be reading this blog post at the moment. To Know more about him, in the following lines it is going to be explained why is so important.

He was born 8 June 1955 in London,  he graduated the Queen’s College at Oxford University and he is a computer scientist who is known as the inventor of  the World Wide Web.File:Tim Berners-Lee April 2009.jpg

In March 1989, while he was at the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva, Tim Berners-Lee submitted a proposal for an information management system to his boss, Mike Sendall. There it was said that he wanted to concern the management of general information about accelerators and experiments at CERN. Which is a large international organization that involves a big number of researchers located around the world.

Initially, his proposal received no reply, but anyway he began working on his idea .There were discussed the problems of loss of information about complex evolving systems and it was derived a solution based on a distributed hypertext system.  After that proposal to his boss and thanks to the help of Robert Cailliau he implemented the first succesful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and a server through the Internet around mid November. By the end of the year he also he wrote a client program (browser) to retrieve and view hypertext documents. This client  was called “WorldWideWeb.”

During 1991 and 1993 he continued designing the Web by combining feedback from different users on the internet.  After a hard work  he made the WorldWideWeb browser and the web server available on the Internet.  But until computer enthusiasts from all over the world started setting up their own web servers the Web  did not began to take off.  The first Web page was served by the end of 1990.  In 1991, people outside of ‪CERN joined the new Web community, and in April 1993, CERN announced that the World Wide Web technology would be available for anyone to use on a royalty-free basis. Since that time,  it can be said that the Web has completely changed the world

In 2007,  it was recognized by Tim that the Web’s potential to help  people to bring a change still remained unrealized. He made public  his commitment  throuh the World Wide Web Foundation to ensure an open, free Web accessible and meaningful to all. A place where everybody  could share knowledge, access services, conduct commerce, participate in good governance and communicate in creative ways.

Actually he is the director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C),  that was founded in 1994 ,which oversees the Web´s continued development.  Apart from that Tim has also  founded the World Wide Foundation and he is a senior researcher and holder of the Founders Chair at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). It can not be forgotten that he is also  a director of the Web Science Research Initiative (WSRI), and a member of the advisory board of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence.

If we have a look to the awards that he has won it can be seen that  are more than 25 awards. This means that he is  a very relevant person who has worked hard to reach his aims. Maybe the most important one is that he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his pioneering work in 2004.  During the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony, he was honoured as the “Inventor of the World Wide Web”.  This year has won his last award which is the inaugural Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, and he has shared with other five Internet and Web pioneers.


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Forum Sport

Forum Sport, Eroski kooperatibaren barne aurki ditzakegun 44 dendek osatzen dute. 1991.urtean Genar Andrinuak, Marino Lejarretak eta Miguel Indurainek kirola oinarritzat duten biltegi hauek sortzea erabaki zuten.

Forum Sport talde bat lez funtzionatzen du. Hau egituran nabari da, non kirolariak izan diren bazkideak aurki daitezke.  Aitzindariak dira teknika eta material berriak sartzen kirolen praktikarako, betiere garantia eta kalitate ezin hobea ziurtaraziz. Akzionisten taldea langileekin osatzen da eta eroski taldearen barne dagoenez, kooperatiba horrek duen esperientziazeta negozioetarako duen egonkortasunaz baliatuz, etorkizunean agertuko diren erronkei aurre egiteko tresnak izan baditu Forum Sport-ek.

Ez  dago tokiz kanpo bere aurkaririk hurbilenak, Decahtlon-ek, garatzen dituen hainbat ideia interesgarri aipatzea. Horien artean aipagarriena, sare sozialetan profil ugari dituela da. Bai facebook-en, twitter-en, eta beste zenbait saretan profilak ditu. Horrez gain gure mugikorrean app bat deskargatzeko aukera ere badago. Era honetan euren izena asko hedatzen da denbora tarte labur batean.

Forum Sport-ek  presentzia eskasa du sare sozialetan, ez dauka ez Facebook-eko edota Twitter-eko profilik. Linkedin-en aurki dezakegu bakarrik euren presentzia. Bertan langile ugari aurki daitezke, barne interakziorako eta mundu mailan ezagunagoak izateko baliogarria da. Baliteke beste sare sozialetan ez agertzearen arrazoia, seriotasun irudi bat eskaini nahi izatea dela. Hala ere, eurek babestutako hainbat ekintzek badituzte sare sozialetan profil propioak. Esate Baterako  Kosta Trail lasterketak bai facebook-en eta twitter-en baditu profilak, bertan frogaren berri guztiak jarrai daitezke, beste partaideekin elkarrizketak edota entrenamenduei buruzko gomendioak eta oharrak jaso.

Forum Sport-en kirola bizitzeko modu bat denez, edozein motatako kirolarien zalantzei erantzunak emateko borondatea daukate. Hori dela eta, erosleei kirola egiteko ekipamendu ugari eskaintzeaz gain, behar bezalako saltzaileak izaten saiatzen dira.  Saltzen den oro probatu egiten dute, era horretan bai profesionalak direnei edota kirola denbora pasa lez egiten dutenei gomendioak emateko gai dira.

Webgunea aztergai izanik, bertan muriltzeko bi aukera daude. Alde batetik sarean duten denda ikusteko aukera dugu. Eta bestalde, webgune korporatibora sartzeko aukera dugu. Lehengo aukeran promozioen zenbait irudi daude, gabonetako promozioko hainbat eskaintzenak. Ikusten den irudi handiaren gainean, lau erlaitz agertzen dira, enpresak erabiltzen dituen markak, jorratzen dituen kirolak, promozioak eta dendak arakatzeko aukera ematen dituztenak. Beherago kirolen araberako erlaitzak ditugu, behar den produktua aurkitzeko. Azkenik hiru zutabeetan banaturik produkturik salduenak, markarik salduenak eta erosketarako laguntza aurkezten dira. liburuxka deskargatzeko aukera ematen duena; bazkide txartelarekin lortzen direnak, edota opari txartelak eskaintzen dituena.

Webgune korporatiboa aztergai izanik, zenbait irudi agertzen zaizkigu orrialdearen erdialdean. Irudiek  bai gabonetako promozioari, bazkide promozioei eta opari txartelari egiten diete erreferentzia. Irudi hauen gainean  6 erlaitz ditugu non enpresari buruzko informazioa, , ekitaldiak eta lasterketak, berriak, norberaren curriculuma bidaltzeko aukera eta dendei buruzko informazioa aurkezten diren. Erlaitz hauen ondoan dagoen esteka sakatuz sareko dendara bueltatzeko aukera badago.

Bezeroen foroetan publikatutako iritziak kontuan harturik, denda sare honek hainbat gauza on eta txar izan baditu. Alde onak aztertuz; produktuen ugaritasuna eta kalitatea eta baita erosleei tratamendu on bat eskaintzen dela aurki daitezke. Alde txarretan, prezio altuak dira gehienbat erosleen kexen iturri. Baina oro har, gehiengoa ados dago kalitatezko produktua eta erosleenganako jarrera on bat eskaintzen dela. Horrez gain, enpresa honen hedatzeko gaitasuna aipatu eta sortu dien harridura aurkezten dute.

Ondorio lez denda multzo honen lana errespetu handia merezi duela esan daiteke. Estatu mailan asko hedatzeko gai izan da azkeneko urteetan egindako lan onari esker. Bere izena entzutean kalitatea eta tratu egokia etortzen zaizkigu gogora eta baita edozein kirol burutzeko materiala aurki dezakegula.


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