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The Berlin Wall


In 1961, 3 million people went from Eastern Germany to the capitalism. German Democratic Republic noticed that the population was going down, so it decided to built a provisinal wire wall on 12th August 1961. It was a 155 km long wall, which divided the city in two sides. No-one could pass through it, not even the public transport. During next days the wall went from being made of wire to be made of bricks. It reached 4 m tall. At the same a ditch was built in order to prevent the crossing to both sides of the city. That ditch was called “the death strip”. The wall was guarded 24 hours every day by militars.


In between 1961 and 1989 more tha 5,000 people people tried to cross the wall. 3,000 people were arrested and about 100 died trying to cross it.


When the frontiers between Austria and Hungary were opened May 1989, the wall lost its aim because Germans increasingly seeking asilum in Hungary. The massive mobilization sparked demonstration at Alexanders square. This demonstrations achieved that the German Democratic Republic allowed the crossing to the other side of the city. A lot of people crowded the check points of the Wall. The following day cracks were opened in the wall, and there it began the end of the wall.

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