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How does CNN Student News take advantage of Facebook to approach worldwide students?

CNN Student News has got an independent space in the Facebook social network. It is called Carl Azuz- CNN Student News. This Facebook space is therefore managed and controlled by Carl Azuz, the anchor of the show.

A total number of 46, 480 people like this space (by November, 26, 2010), being most of them young students from the United States but also worldwide ones. Read more…


Summarizing and Reformulating Francis Fukuyama’s “Identity and Migration” essay

December 17, 2010 3 comments

The prominent American author Francis Fukuyama reflects on  Multiculturalism and Intercultural Dialogue, by connecting identity and migration issues.

Modern Liberal societies have weak collective values. This is a dangerous problem to suffer in a world in which migrant movements tend to be massive. Then, if our societies cannot assert positive liberal values, if we are not able to assume a clear shared identity, if we find it difficult to define ourselves; our society may be challenged by migrants who are more sure of who they are (e.g.: Muslims), according to Francis Fukuyama’s “Identity and Migration”. Read more…

What type of information should we include when surfing the net?

What type of information should go on an email, a private message, and not in a wall post? An article published in EzineMark.Com, “Is your Facebook private? Dealing with security and other freezing errors”, may help us to solve this enigma. Read more…

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Do people with more than 1,000 Facebook friends have more than 1,000 real friends?

November 15, 2010 1 comment

Are Facebook friends real friends? What is real friendship? Three experts will try to give a solution to these enigmas:Kari Henley, Phil Cooke, and Sarah Jacobsson .

But first, have a look at these eight different people connected with our  topic (social networking, mass media, etc.) with more than 1,000 friends: Read more…

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