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Monsters of the Sea

Many people are afraid of the sea, not only because of water, but also because of animals. Animals of the sea are not only small fishes, dolphins or whales; there are bigger and more dangerous animals as well. One of those dangerous and enormous animals are the sharks. Sharks are thought like animals which kill people as they want, but actually, they are not. It is true that they can be dangerous if they are hungry or even if you have blood, because they smell it; but they can also be as quiet and beautiful as dolphins. There are many types of sharks, but one more beautiful and amazing than the next, as we are going to see now.
Most known types os sharks.
The most known types of sharks are: the great white shark, the blue shark, the tiger shark, the bull shark, the mako shark and the hammerhead shark. Each of these “monsters”-called fishes, have some basic differences that make them easy to identify. Let’s see some features:

·The Great White Shark: it is the biggest and wildest shark, apart from the whale-shark, and it is usually fat, it has black eyes and its body is round.

·The Blue Shark: is long and thin, the thinest os every sharks, and its nose is very long as well. It is light-blue and it has a very black eyes.

·The Tiger Shark: its body is not as grey as the others, and it has some paralel and vertical lighter marks, as tigers have. It is not very big but it is neither small, but its nose is large and crushed.

·The Bull Shark: it is a fat but short shark, usually dark grey, and with light eyes. It seems as it has a hump.

·The Mako Shark: it is one of the smallest sharks, with a dark but bright grey, and very black eyes. It is one of the few types of sharks that have its teeth very out from the mouth. Its face is one of the ugliest and frightenings.

·The Hammerhead Shark: it is not small, it is medium size, but its best characteristic is its head: it is horizontal, long, and its eyes are each one in each corner of its head.

There are many types os sharks, and it is impossible to explain all of them and completely here, that’s why I put here some links if some of you want to read more about these strange but dangerous animals…or so-called “monsters of the sea”. An aim of these post is to promote interest and less fear for these beasts, because they are not as bad animals as others.

Jon Iparraguirre Corrales


Internet life

We cannot avoid the fact that social networks ( are getting more famous these days. More and more people get inside of them and even more and more organizations also get inside those social networks. Social networks are normally used to share information with friends or other people, and within this information we find images, music, data, videos…etc and this all may create a new profile of us in the Internet. That profile is called digital identity and gives everyone that can see it an image of us.

Digital identity is actually important if you want to find a job, but we all must know that anyone else can see that information, and that’s why we all must setup our social network’s profiles. The reputation we gain when people see that information that we share, can be both good and bad, depending on who is the person that sees it.
The importance of setup our profiles in the social networks is getting bigger as day after day more and more people get inside of social networks, and they are more eyes to see what you share. There have even been some kind of problems as abuses by messages and things like that, and another problem that is not as common as the last one, is the fact that sometimes the information you want to send to someone arrives to anyone else.
The problems of social networks are not avoidable and that’s why we must be careful of what we share and who we share with. Digital reputation can be good and important but also bad and dangerous. The identity we acquire in the Internet must be the one we want to, and we all must pay attention of what we share, who we share with, when and where if we want to keep our information safe.

Jon Iparraguirre Corrales

Internet for Universities

These days technology has advanced so much that even universities use the internet for some purposes. The University of Deusto is one of them, and it has some tools or resources to promote itself. Not only personal web pages, but also social networks are, nowadays, a good way for companies to present themselves to the public. The University of Deusto has some pages where we can find information about it in an easy way, as I am going to show now.
Deusto’s most used page is its own web page where it has information about the university, about its grades… and where its students can look for their marks and so on. But it is not the only web page of the University.
UD & Social Networks
Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter are also used by many organizations, and Deusto has its own profiles in those networks:

•In Facebook the University has information about the campus and some of the activities that people can do there. There you can also find links to other profiles of the University where you can find basic information and even the history of the University.

•In Twitter people can see the last changes or news that the University launches, as well as the last comments of people that study there or knows it, and it can be a very good source of information for some people.!/deusto

Here I cannot explain completely all the aims of the university but I hope that who reads it develops interest about it. I let here another information page just in case someone need it:

Jon Iparraguirre Corrales

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