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Ferrari. Stories from those who lived the legend

I have selected this book as a recommendation in the wikipedia article because it provides a lot of information about the history of Ferrari that is necessary in order to understand its identity and reputation. The book report information from the very beginning of the company in the early 1930s to the current president Luca di Montezemolo. The book is divided in some chapters regarding to different decades and the activity of the company during them which provides the enough information to understand the history of the company from primamy sources like experts´opinions. Enzo Ferrari, Sergio Pininfarina, Sergio Scaglietti, Ralph Lauren… they all are very known names that has to do with Ferrari.  These people are among the most important ones that have stayed in this company and have traced in Ferrari. The founder, Enzo Ferrari, is very known because of the steeps that he did with the intention of create the best cars of the world. Segio Pininfarina is also remembered by being one of the best engineers from the 20th century related to the automotive industry because he created high velocity trains, many of the most sports car from this century and other vehicles like the buses that we have in Bilbao, the famous Bilbobus and Bizkaibus. Sergio Scaglietti is remarkable by the creation of the Testarrosa, a car that have made history… All this information and much more is available in this book as well as more detailed information about competitions, cars, challenges, cites and much more.


Ferrari. Stories from those who lived the legend. (2007). John Lamm. Retrieved 20.03.2012 from

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Ferrari´s digital identity

The aim of this post is to recover some of the main references of the article that I have been working on in order to explain the reason of their choice. The article from which the refereces are obtained is called Ferrari´s digital identity and is present on the web page of Wiki Littera Deusto. On the following pharagraphs the explaination of their choice is available as well as the own links for these references.

After the analysis of the Ferrari´s web communication plan there was a lack of information that separate us from the digital identity of the company. The analysis of Ferrari´s web communication plan provides us information about how Ferrari is working through social networks with the aim of promote its products and stablish its reputation. After that, there was a hollow between the web communication plan and the digital identity of the brand and because of that reason the article about its digital identity was developed. Read more…

Electric engines for automobiles. Are they the accurate choice?

December 12, 2011 4 comments

Do you ever think about how cars would be in the future? As Joan Ratera says, nowadays the world of automobilism is experimenting an enormous change because of the price of petrol and enviromental reasons. According to Laura Biela these reasons are ashaming the use of renewables instead of petrol to reduce the consumption of energy. The use of electric engines in automobilism seems a very good idea to be respectfull with some of the measures stablished in the Kioto protocol with regard to the pollution that the most developed nations are creating and also for improve the efficiency of the vehicles.

“No sólo estamos creando nuevos empleos, sino que estamos alentando a nuevas industrias que asegurarán nuestra competitividad para las próximas décadas, industrias como la de fabricación de automóviles” Barack Obama

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Collective intelligence and shared memory in internet may help improving intercultural relations

December 7, 2011 1 comment

The concept of collective intelligence emerged in the late 1990 from the work of theorist as Pierre LévyDouglas HofstadterPeter RussellTom AtleeHoward Bloom and others. This idea comes from the cooperation of individuals from one species. This kind of intelligence refers to sociology, business and computer science.  Read more…

How social networks may influence our digital identities

November 30, 2011 2 comments

Do you ever think how social networks influence our lifes? There are plenty of issues related to the activity of this kind of networks, as for example the nature of our digital identities. These identities are influenced by the workstyle of social networks. Tomás Delclós shows how some companies use them to promote their products or share information by means of their personal accounts.

Sharing personal information on the internet contributes to create digital identities, that is to say, digital identities are shaped by the information that the internet has about us. For instance, when somebody uploads a photograph where some faces appear, this faces are developing a part of the identities of these people on the internet. Read more…

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