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Genetic Genius

According to a recent study of the psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, the best musicians are born, not made. Researchers at St Thomas’s in London claim that genes are responsible for up to 80 per cent of our ability to recognize pitch, the jey to musical success and  greatness. The discovery by the hospital’s Twin Research Unit, the largest of its kind in the world, accounts for the prevalence of musical families from the Bachs to the Corrs and the Strausses to the Jacksons. Read more…


Chinese Cinema, Spring Subway

The sources selected for our Wikipeida article for the subject Infomation Management are all related to Chinese cinema. These sources are valid and important because they all mention and explain different points of view about making Chinese movies as well as the evolution of this kind of cinema. The most representative author is Rey Chow, Whose book “Sentimental fabulations contamporary Chinese films”, has been based on a research at the Radliffe Institute (Harvard University), and tells us about how the Chinese cinema is adopted to social classes. Read more…

The truth is out there on the net

December 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Social networks are supposed to be the center of liars and impunity. After a research made by Jeffrey Hancock,and some analisis of Clive Thompson, it’s possible to say that the Internet has become more trustful and honest due to the fear to be exposure to be caught.

The truth is out there on the net. Far from encouraging mass deceit, the web promotes honesty because we fear getting caught, writes Clive Thompson.

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Keep playing that computer game?

December 14, 2011 Leave a comment

There used to be a general feeling that computer games were bad for you, and books were good. Now people are not sure. Researchers have found that computer games, television and the Internet have become key factors in boosting children’s IQs up to levels never reached by past generations. Read more…

Jane Porter explains the psychology of success

December 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Starting a business when you are young can be a hard aim to achieve due to the inexperience. Currently, youngsters have realised that they are the best placed people to exploit media and leisure markets just because they are living in them. These youngsters will rise the initial hardship to achieve benefits in a later stage. Jane Porter explains some steps to make your business success and she affirms the following:

“Starting a business is tough enough, and when you’re young and inexperienced, the challenge of building credibility is an added pressure. But you shouldn’t let your age get in the way.”

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