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Generational and cultural gaps

Differences between mother and daughter, or, which is the same, “the generational gap” are, as José Joaquín Brunner explaines in his article “Brecha generacional:

“Throughout history, a major source of cultural change have been young people, whose collective rebellion usually manifests a profound mismatch with authority structures and practices of adult values ​​and social transmission. Hence also the nature of generational conflict that usually accompanies the youth movements, barely hidden behind reasons of participatory or democratization.”

 The massive Chinese immigration that USA suffered during the middle 50s is the perfect stage to realize how big this mother-daughter gaps were. Maxime Hong Kingston, by her well known book: The Woman Warrior, is going to illustrate us about the major changes that her family and she had to suffer during those taught years, focusing in the mother-daughter relationship. Read more…

Chased by (virtual) strangers

Humans have been paranoic about being chased by a stranger for a while. But it got worse since the internet was invented (you don’t even have to be “physically” chased!). And what is even worse, nowadays, there is no need to be involved in any kind of secret organization or to belong to the upper echelons of society to be pursuing someone. Unfortunately, this paranoic ideas go together with some other problems such as the reputation or the image others get from us in the net.

This interesting topics have of course been investigated and analyzed by several experts whose opinion and articles will be taken into account so as to get a whole vision about it.

We will start by quoting a phrase written by Dave Birch: Read more…

Cosmo Jarvis promoting weapons

Cosmo Jarvis

Cosmo Jarvis follows almost  all of Amy Porterfield’s “7 Facebook Marketing Tips From World’s Top Pros”. We must remember, that even if he has succeded in linking his own web page with his Facebook account, advertising himself in it and, of course, giving his fans a reason to connect, he has not made it in leveraging his friends, therefore, here we have a point which he should improve.  The last tip we have analyzed in this list has been wether if he uploads videos or not. Ekaterina Walter describes this tip like this: “video as a secret weapon to gain fans”. Cosmo Jarvis has realized how important this is to promote himself in this social network, and, uploads relevant videos almost every week.

Therefore, after seing experts’ opinions about the topic, and comparing them to our singer’s Facebook account, we must say, that even if he has to improve several points on it, he is doing it pretty good. Read more…

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