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The Iranian Conflict

If we asked any Iranian about their country, they would tell us about the beautiful city of Shiraz, where the alcohol was invented[1] and where some of the best wines in the world were produced. They would mention Khayyam and Rumi. They would confess that, by nature, Iranians are not aggressive at all. Read more…

Virtual diagnosis of Nacho Vigalondo

In a recent interview, Nacho Vigalondo was asked about his ability to promote himself and to move through the Internet. He answered with tranquility: “Internet es un medio inevitable, más que una opción que hayamos cogido los realizadores de mi generación” [1]. He shows, indeed, great dexterity in his managering of his virtual identity; an inborn skill. However, this method of boosting one’s self has its advantages and disadvantages. Vigalondo has always squeezed its positive opportunities, but now those possibilities have become double-edged sword.

My Web Communication report is a virtual diagnosis of the way Nacho Vigalondo has faced a unique ailment: a revision of his virtual history, the symtoms and causes of his cybernetic desease and the results of such pathology. Read more…

The fall of Constantinople

Although we are accustomed to contemplate the fall of Constantinople as an isolated event, as a drastic turning point that defined the beginning of a new era, it is rather the end of an old story; the abrupt disappearance of a city that praised wisdom, a city that studied and conserved the classic texts of the Greeks; the remains of a civilization full of splendour. Read more…

Twitter philosophy

Will Twitter inspire a new philosophy? In words of James Alan Freeman  “getting information quickly is very easy and free”. However, Clive Thompson asserts that Twitter has become a bubble for its users. This “autistic” behavior is called social awareness. Thompson writes

“Social scientifics describe it very much like being physically near someone and picking up on his mood through the little things he does — body language, sighs, stray comments — out of the corner of your eye”.

Read more…

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