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Jack Sparrow euskaraz

The topic we have chosen is the famous fictional carácter from the film set ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Jack Sparrow. We do like Jack Sparrow for many reasons, but mainly because of his peculiar and particular personality. We also love the film set and, so, we decided to choose the protagonist character as our topic. Moreover, as the Basque Wikipedia has not any article about our choice, we were extra motivated to finish our task.

In order to do the English/Spanish-Basque translation, we think we will need several references, such as:

We believe that these links (and more we will have to find) will give us enough authorized information about our topic. The main film set is the best and more relevant and trustful way of gathering information about him, but the English version of his page in Wikipedia has plenty of references that, surely, we will use.


Witchcraft in History

December 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Witchcraft is a very common characteristic of almost every culture and society in the whole world. Many cultures have stories about witches, supernatural creatures and demons; all of them related to mythology. And Europe is not an exception. Every region and country has seen this topic in different ways, but all of them have lots of similarities, for example, the witch’s practices. Witches have bee given a great number of unimaginable powers and abilities. Read more…

Twitter: sorrera, oraina eta geroa

December 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Artikulu honen bitartez Twitter mundu mailako sare sozialaren sorrera aztertzeaz gain (zein testuingurutan sortu zen, etab.), gaur egun bizi duen egoeraren berri emango dut (dela bere arrakastaren zergatiak, dela hedabideekin duen harremana, besteak beste). Gainera, egungo egoera oinarri harturik eta hainbait adituren iritzi zein aurreikuspenak kontutan izanik, Twitter sare sozialak aurrerantzean gara dezakeen etorkizuna izango dut ere hizpide. Beste hitzetan esanda, ea oraingo loraldiari eusteko gai izango den ala pixkanaka txoko galdu batetan geratzen den. Read more…

How Guggenheim Museum Bilbao uses Web Communication Tools

December 13, 2011 2 comments

I’m going to analyze how the worldwide well-known Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, one of the four contemporary art museums belonging
to Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, makes use of several and diverse Web Communication tools or channels to promote its activity.  Read more…

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