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In time“In Time” is a film of 2011 in which we can see a metaphore of the expression “Time is money”. In the futuristic world of the film, people is biogenetically programmed to live until 25 years, and after this, they should work to earn time to survive. The protagonist is a factory worker called Will Salas, who is trying to obtain enough time to maintain alive his mother and himself.

We have chosen to do an article about this film in Wikipedia because we think that in the Basque Wikipedia they are missing articles about contemporary films. We have chosen in time in particular because we think that it leads us to make a reflexion about how important is time in our lives.

To make an article about a film, I think that one of the most important things is to find a review which gives us significant information about the plot and the personal opinion of the reviewer. Considering this, I think that one of the best possible solutions is to obtain a review of a page specialized in cinema, in this case we would take the review made in the page Screen Rant.

We think that this page can be considered an adecuate source of information to write an article about a film because it is a specialized page which has made thousands of film reviews. Also, because the valoration that we have of the films is something subjective, we can not said that a film is good or bad, so I consider positively the fact that this page allow users to put the film a mark and to make comments.


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Maratongo bataila

November 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Ba al dakigu zein den maratoi probaren jatorria? Izen bereko batailatik dator. Bataila hartan asko zegoen jokoan, baina azter dezagun lehenik eta behin garai hartako kontextua. Read more…

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