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Social networks: From social tools to millionaire advertising business

July 10, 2011 1 comment

At the begining,  social networks borned to help people to keep in touch. A new kind of communication. But these tools became bigger, with thousands of users and keep the neccessary resources is expensive, so publicity came to its rescue. And with it the games, the organizations profiles and the celebrities. We have a lot of it to choose: FacebookTwitterTuentiMySpace…but in the end is the same story with a different name.

Aparently, as Social Media Marketing explains, advertisment on social networks is 40 times more efective than traditional. This is because is a more personalized publicity, closer to the consumer. With the information that users publish in their profile and the information that social networks collect, the advertisments of each person are carefully choosed. In fact, Facebook and Google(who has a new social network) are the main drivers of advertising growth in the U.S. All is analized to get the best results. There are even studies for know when is the best moment to update your business porfile. According to a study by the northamerican company Vitrue (October 2010)

 The days when are more comments and interactions in Facebook are Wednesday, followed on Tuesday and Thursday. Best day to publish a promotion is Friday, but for fast food restaurants, for example,  is best do it in Wednesday, and  the mornings posts are which generate a greater amount of feedback and interactions.

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UN’s Web Communication Plan

July 10, 2011 Leave a comment

A Web communication plan is important for  any organization to get a good promotion and coverage. Here i’m going to analize UN’s Web communication plan. The activity that such a large organization generated
can be overwhelming and chaotic if it’s not managed properly. All of this is managed by the Department of Public Information, that

Serves as liaison between the UN and  civil society. The Department of Public Information is working to spread the message of the United Nations in the world to help the public better understand the activities and objectives of the United Nations.

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Identity in the global multiculturality

July 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Amin Maalouf  is a writer who knows a lot about conflicts of  identities. Amin was born in Lebanon, part of the Melkite Greek Catholic community , grow up in Egypt , and now lives in Paris for 36 years. Because this mixsure, people often ask him if he feels more french or more lebanese, and how is he feel about that question, is the summary of one of his books:

For a long time that nagging question makes me smile. Not anymore, because I think that reveals awidespread view that I believe is dangerous. Maalouf(1998:10)

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