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LA IMPORTANCIA DEL ALEMÁN – Die Bedeutung der Deutsch

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German is a West Germanic language and with English and Chines one of the world’s most spoken language in the European Union. It is spoken by approximately 110 million native speakers and about 80 million non-native. Standard German is widely taught in schools, universities and Goethe institutes worldwide. Read more…

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A lot of networks pages can be found related to Alhondiga Bilbao, which contain information of the following events and great interesting news, and Hó 2.0 system has to be mentioned due to its a very complete way to fullfill this objective. In the main page, we can find the Hó 2.0 section, which includes:

Alhondiga Bilbao also runs plenty of social networks that allow users to get updated information, highlighting these followings ones:

Also, there are other pages that show us the details of how Alhondiga Bilbao was built and the process that has continued even nowadays, like or even its email address:

In Adolfo Plasencia Diago‘s words:

“Hoy por hoy, no tenemos experiencia temporal que nos permita instrumentalizar todo su potencial, sin olvidar que las aplicaciones de la Web 2.0 se caracterizan precisamente por estar en “beta perpetua”. Nosotros llevamos 10 años con el MITUPV EXCHANGE y aún seguimos aprendiendo de los nuevos conceptos que van emergiendo. Hemos de aprender y también “desaprender” para aprovechar todas las potencialidades de las redes sociales. Muchas de ellas están aún por desarrollar. En ese sentido las comunidades de multi-jugadores online (MMOG) –para mí, las gigantescas redes sociales “de facto”- están aprovechando mucho mejor sus potencialidades que las conocidas redes sociales como Facebook, MySpace o Tuenti”

Alhondiga Bilbao is an innovative and multidisciplinary space that has reached great reputation beyond the urban core thank you to its extension of web and social networks. The web communication system of Alhondiga Bilbao is based among the interconnections of social networks, blogs, articles and an official page to offer a great quantity of services. By this way, the principal aim of Alhondiga Bilbao – or also called Hó – is that peoplehood of every ages construct an interactive community of multiple varieties in Internet. According to Elena Benito Ruiz:

“Las redes sociales son las personas, aunque para resumir nos referimos a las aplicaciones on line que permiten generar y mantener una red social de contactos como tal, como si las aplicaciones fueran en sí mismas las redes sociales. Y como somos las personas, la potencialidad dependerá de nosotros. Obviamente también de lo que te deje hacer la plataforma. Pero es evidente que ofrecen ya mucho más de lo que una red social de contactos off line pueda ofrecerte: el alcance, la visibilidad y el crecimiento exponencial que he comentado antes”


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Can we say that Facebook has a good security control?

Everyone has to control the kind of information and the measure in which we do it. We think just our closest friends can get information abouts us and about our interests and habits, but the reality is quite different; if you keep in touch with a network, you must be known of the risk you are taking.

Ron Bowes found a “distressing problem of data protection. ” Facebook rejected the complaint. “In this case, a single researcher gathered information from people who agreed to be of public access, ” a spokeswoman said. He said the information was already available in the search engines and are not personal data at risk. Read more…

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