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European green capital on Social Media

The European Green Capital Award is an annual award scheme set up and managed by the European Comission to recognise cities that are making a particular effort to meet high standards of environmental performance and quality of life.

At the begining of September, representatives from the Basque Capital, Vitoria-Gasteiz, defended the city’s candidacy to become European Green Capital in 2012 and 2013. And it was in October 20th when Vitoria reached  its dream. Read more…


Social Media in China

December 17, 2010 1 comment

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The obsession of amassing “friends” on Facebook

Facebook stand as viable communities, and are the people on your home page “real friends?” Many of you  will answer no. Some expressed feeling leery of all the myriad new drains on time and energy with texting, tweeting, facebooking and so on. They lament the discourtesy of people constantly texting while out to dinner, or using twitter to reply to Facebook to send you an email to ask a simple question. They fear we are losing ourselves. Do you agree or are the social media a  great quarry that we do not know how powerful is it?

Yet, this prism has many sides. Plenty out there believe these sites are solid and viable resources for maintaining connections, and the wave of the future. Some people spoke of how they enjoy the broad networks they can manage easily, as well as nostalgic components of finding old friends and delighting in renewed connections.  

But are these “new friends” real friends? I mean, sometimes  we  meet somebody and despite we have not talked so much, we become friends on facebook.  So, what is the meaning of friendship? Read more…

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