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Social Networks


Between 2001 and 2002, the first social network appeared, but it was in 2003 when Facebook was created. Quickly, some companies entered the social networks to motivate their workers.
All started in Harvard University when a boy named Mark Zuckerberg, had the idea to create a site where students could communicate.
But a few years later, some social networks were created. For example, Tuenti that is the most used in Spain. In Tuenti people can share photos with their friends and send messages with other people. Nowadays, Tuenti has more than 12 millions of users. Another social network is Twitter. In twitter you can send messages with a lot of people and also with famous people.



  • For example, social networks are transforming the way of doing business, specially marketing, It’s a low cost way of promoting a business.
  • makes it possible to be in contact with people who you couldn´t be in with, and you can also recover past friends (school, university, others jobs that you had…)
  • It is a very useful tool to share any information (photos, videos, newspaper articles, ideas …)
  • In addition it makes you be more available and more easily localizated if you often use the internet.



  • Lack of awareness by users that their information will be accessible to anyone.
  •  Information is made ​​public about personal characteristics such as ideology, sexual orientation, religious, and political .
  • The possibility that other people who you don´t know, use your information for illegally things.
  • the possibility of making public some fake information or without authorization.
  • loss of real social life.


1-  Privacy

Don´t let to other people to see your photos and your personal information.

2- Parents

Parents can create an account on Facebook or Tuenti to watch their children and to know what they are doing.

3- Be careful

Be especially careful if you receive a message from a person who you don´t know. You shouldn´t answer to it.


Privacidad HIDDEN_264_11829_FOTO_Seguridad_2 (3)

Don´t post pictures of other people without their consent.

Don´t write personal information.Don´t post private photos of yourself.

Don´t answer to dangerous messages.








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