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The Oscars

Worldwide known the Academy Awards, commonly called The Oscars, are the “paradise” of cinema industry. Hosted annually they decided what film has been chosen because of its quality and impact as the Best Film of the year. On this post, we will try to make a brief summary of what Oscars entailed according to their history, ceremony, curiosities and last edition when The Artist scooped five awards. Next year, the 85th Academy Awards are expected to be amazing, but first will want to know that…

According to the history of the Academy Awards, it must be said that the first ceremony was holdAcademyAwardsOscarin Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on May 16 of 1929, which great expectations amongst cinema lovers. Next year it was broadcasted into radio and from then on it has been gaining more and more relevance around the artistic world. The 16th edition was hold in the Grauman’s Chines Theatre in Hollywood and, currently, it is presented from the worldwide known Dolby Theatre, where every year the stars wear their magnificent clothes in order to flashing out audience. First televised ceremony was celebrated in 1953 and it became an international televised event in 1969.

The Oscar actually is a knight standing on a reel of film gripping a crusader’s sword. That iconic statuette has had different heights and weighs and currently is made by 24 carat gold. Numerous are the artist that has won this Award that praise anyone into cinema’s iconic place: Hollywood.

The ceremony which is televised in February and March (just six weeks after the announcement of nominees) reach global attention and is one of the most commented events during the year. As I have already said, the Oscars Ceremony is the best occasion for all the dressmakers to make the world see their designs. In fact, Oscars’ red carpet is sometimes more commented than the awards. Furthermore, millions of viewers from every corner of the world have the chance to watch live performances of the “best original song” nominees and spectacle is always ensured in this show!

Last year’s ceremony was hosted by Billy Crystal and obtained great international repercussion. Although there are many different categories the most popular and recognized are usually:

foto oscars

As you can see in the image The artist was the winner of the night and it won apart from those three awards on Best Costume Design and Best Music (original score). However, Hugo also got five Oscars, but in more technical categories.

As many other international events, the Oscars has its own curiosities and thousands of list have been made about them, its history, each category’s history etc. We want to remark some of them:

  • The winner’s agreement that consists on never selling the award which every winner has the obligation to sign.
  • Saying NO to the Oscar: as a kind of boycott there have been two occasions when winners has not accepted the award, because they thought it would be an unfairness. Firstly, George Scott in and, three years later, Marlon Brando for his role in The Godfather.
  • There have been three films that are the most awarded ones because of their brilliancy:
    • Ben-Hur (1960)
    • Titanic (1992)
    • The Lord of the Rings: The return of the king (2003)
  • There exists the case in which two Oscars were won by two different actors by the same character: Vito Corleone in The Godfather saga. They were Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro who played a vivid and realistic performance of that Mafioso.
  • It is unfortunately noticeable that the first woman to win the award as best director was in 2010, Kathryn Bigelow thanks to her film: The hurt locker.

Much more could be written about the Oscars, but as almost everything, it is currently considered a “two-face event” both a positive one and a negative one. It is undoubtedly true that Oscars has brought numerous benefits to cinema industry such as internationalizing it or giving it the relevance it deserves. However, it is currently said that Oscars (as other aspects of society) is turning into a business. In fact, what is relevant and distinguish a good film from a bad one, is not its quality, but the marketing and publicity it can obtain. In our merchandise world even cinema has become a product. Nevertheless, show must go on and we have to think in positive and believe that the Oscars have numerous benefits for the so-called “Seven Art”, because the Oscar goes to…




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