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Nowadays the fact of travelling abroad it is a very common. When our fathers where young it was very unusual to go abroad on holiday or just viajes_interrail1go a long weekend to visit new places as we make usually. The longest trip the family usually did, was to the village where they came from in order to visit the rest of the family. The honeymoons, usually where close to the place where they live. Therefore, the fact of travelling for enjoying we would say that was for wealthy people. Today, there is a big market around trips, travelling…And everybody takes part of it, each one in the level their salary allow them. When the summer comes, the people usually go abroad. Some of them still going to the villages of origin, but most go out. Even the long weekends they also go in fast trips to visit a village or to make cultural tourism.   A video

Different types

We are going to analyze in short the more distinctive ways of travelling, of course there are much more varieties and combination that I won’t mention. I am just making a list of the most common a standards ones.

TourismTypes   There are visits to main cities. Usually those travels are for few days, it is called cultural tourism, because in big cities you can enjoy plays, concerts, museums, commences which are very unusual in a village…

The holidays in the coast. Often that is for some days or whole the summer next to the beach where the sun is guaranteed and it is just for relaxing.

Natural environment. It is not the most attractive one for the most of the people, but it is usually very satisfying one. It is practiced by natural lovers. It is not required to much spend and the host usually are camping or rural hire houses. The main activity is hiking, cycling, canoeing, horse riding…

Exotic places.Those place which are too far where the culture is totally different and usually are jungles    where the natives still living just with natural resources.

In 70’s it appeared a new way of travelling around Europe. As Europe was in process of unification so that be an economical potency, they make a project in order to Europeans know the territories that formed Europe. It has not been an easy work, nowadays there still big differences among the countries and they still trying the distances and cultural differences to decrease, but it is quite hard. Focus on interrailing, a new way of travelling came up. Now we can considered that it is a kind of philosophy that lot of young people want to try on, because it provides young new experienced that they are not used to.



The aim of a interrailing trip are to live for some days with the basic thing which you are travelling with, know interesting people during the trip and know new places.

First of all, it is usually a trip for twenty days which is the most common ticket bought.mochileros2 In a bag of 50 liters you are supposed to bring all the thing you will need in approximately 20 days. The range of variety is very restricted. The people usually bring few clothes and they wash it by   hand and then, they hang out from the bag rope. The food is usually very carbohydrate food and some sugary food to survive in a month. The cereals and the cold meat is very conformable   to carry on in you backpack. During a month the variety of food is also restricted.

The host could be relevant or irrelevant. There are some people who book every night on-line, looking for the best prices and making sure that they will have a place for sleeping. The most common host are youth hostels which are very cheap and there are always people who is experimenting the interrailing as well. An other common web page to looking for hostels is Hostelworld But it doesn’t guaranteed that it would be in the same conditions as a five stars hotel, keep in mind what it is and how much you have paid.  However there are people who like the adventure and the improvisation, so they travel, without any previous book and some of them told that in some cities, they had to slept in the train station.” There is no matter, we are young, aren’t we?”

One of the target of every journey is to visit places. In this case you can choose what places you are going to visit. They must be on the European Union. There are two distinct ways of travelling on interrail which most of the people do. One is spend a month in a country and the other one is to travel around different countries in a month. The most common one is to visit different places, most of them main cities.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE That’s it cultural tourism and as in Europe most of the museums are free for student, you can visit as much as you want. Practically for a month you are living in the trains, in hostel and most of the time is spent on the street.

Finally and the most obvious point, all the journey will be made by train, which is the most magical thing. You will know different kind of trains, depend on the country there will be more rails or less and the quality of the cars will be better or worse, different kind of distribution and the people you meet there… it’s fantastic. As you are travelling you will find more people like you and as you are interested in talking with people and know about their journeys they will be also interested in yours. Moreover you would join “food”, if we can called like that to what it is eaten, with them.  Furthermore, it is great to meet people from other countries for a period of some hours and talk. Probably if they are making a similar route around Europe will be possible to find them again, so be careful with your  acts!



In latest generations,  young are used to have everything without any kind of previous effort. Everything is given to us the economic situation they have lived until now has been very nice in most of the cases. We have grown in an era where everybody spend money even if they don’t need to spend on. Most of us have been living very comfortably and we haven’t had made big effort to be where we are. When our parents were 20, they help at home, they probably work and some of them they combine work and studies. They played in the street since they were little, so they were used to solve their problem, they know that reaching aims has cost. And here we are, we are given everything, personally and economically. Therefore this kind of trips are very satisfying because for a while we experiment a restriction of material thing and we increase the relation with others humans, which sometimes we forget. Maybe those were the conditions that our parents travel with but, for us is a real adventure.

The end

As the fact of travelling has become more usual, it has been diversified and now, there are different kind of travelling. The trips are very personalize and you can go to every single place. The money could make the difference, we have to keep in mind that, as much as money we have, more services we will be able to pay. That’s the question, do we really need so much money to enjoy? Sometimes the essence of travelling, could not be on the luxurious five stars hotel, even it is an appealing option because it is not nowadays experience.


 There is in immaterial thing that can’t be touched, the feeling you feel, the moments you lived, the conversations you have, the people you meet, the sensation of being alone in the middle of the nature at night-time, the feeling of freedom…


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