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Free topic post: ERASMUS


The ERASMUS program (EuRopean Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) was created in 1987 in order to promote the Students Exchange programs of the countries of the European Union. and, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. In 1995 this program was integrated in a program with bigger magnitude, called Socrates. Finally in the year 2000, the whole program was re-called Socrates II. This ultimate program focuses more on develop the academic cooperation between universities from different countries and improve the academic recognition inside the European Union.

Secondly, only students from the European Union, who are studying a middle and superior grade or have finished the first year of his/her university degree, are able to have or request the ERASMUS plan.

There are several studentships related to ERASMUS, the amount of money that a student could receive depends on his/her academic marks and his/her economic situation. The average quantity oscillates between the 150€ to the 300€. Moreover, there are some studentships, that are given by Banks, or private organizations. These private studentships use to be very helpful and the requisites to request them use to be having good academic remarks.

Actually there are about 2000 academic institutions which are using this program of Students Exchange. Through to the improvement of ERASMUS/Socrates program, the mobility of students, the transference of credits and supplement of diplomas is something possible, and it can be done easily.

I have read some opinions about ERASMUS, in the internet: “Erasmus una experiencia obligada”“Un año diferente”. All of them agree that ERASMUS program is an opportunity that every student should try. It allows you to visit places that in a future you will not be able to visit, it also gives you the opportunity to know other students or cultures from different cultures. Moreover, while you are in an ERASMUS program you are not in home with your parent´s care so you have to learn to take care of yourself in mostly every aspects of life. It is a useful and great experience that every student should try.

Here you have a video about Alejandro, a student who spent his ERASMUS in Germany: 


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