Internet life

We cannot avoid the fact that social networks ( are getting more famous these days. More and more people get inside of them and even more and more organizations also get inside those social networks. Social networks are normally used to share information with friends or other people, and within this information we find images, music, data, videos…etc and this all may create a new profile of us in the Internet. That profile is called digital identity and gives everyone that can see it an image of us.

Digital identity is actually important if you want to find a job, but we all must know that anyone else can see that information, and that’s why we all must setup our social network’s profiles. The reputation we gain when people see that information that we share, can be both good and bad, depending on who is the person that sees it.
The importance of setup our profiles in the social networks is getting bigger as day after day more and more people get inside of social networks, and they are more eyes to see what you share. There have even been some kind of problems as abuses by messages and things like that, and another problem that is not as common as the last one, is the fact that sometimes the information you want to send to someone arrives to anyone else.
The problems of social networks are not avoidable and that’s why we must be careful of what we share and who we share with. Digital reputation can be good and important but also bad and dangerous. The identity we acquire in the Internet must be the one we want to, and we all must pay attention of what we share, who we share with, when and where if we want to keep our information safe.

Jon Iparraguirre Corrales

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