Internet for Universities

These days technology has advanced so much that even universities use the internet for some purposes. The University of Deusto is one of them, and it has some tools or resources to promote itself. Not only personal web pages, but also social networks are, nowadays, a good way for companies to present themselves to the public. The University of Deusto has some pages where we can find information about it in an easy way, as I am going to show now.
Deusto’s most used page is its own web page where it has information about the university, about its grades… and where its students can look for their marks and so on. But it is not the only web page of the University.
UD & Social Networks
Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter are also used by many organizations, and Deusto has its own profiles in those networks:

•In Facebook the University has information about the campus and some of the activities that people can do there. There you can also find links to other profiles of the University where you can find basic information and even the history of the University.

•In Twitter people can see the last changes or news that the University launches, as well as the last comments of people that study there or knows it, and it can be a very good source of information for some people.!/deusto

Here I cannot explain completely all the aims of the university but I hope that who reads it develops interest about it. I let here another information page just in case someone need it:

Jon Iparraguirre Corrales

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