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Piperrak is a a rock-punk music band created in “La Rivera” (Spain). We have little information about this group even if it is well-known. They first started playing music in the decade of the 90s in the sorroundings of the Basque area. The band was composed by Josetxu (from Lodosa), Txitxarro (from Alcanadre), Rufo (from Pradejón) and Fermin at the beginning of their career. At the moment Fermin has been substituded to Jabitxu. The name “Piperrak” means peppers in Basque, a very well-kwnown vegetable here.

Now I shall talk about the rough cut. The first one they brought out was in 1990 with the name of “Ahorkate”. Two years later “La Ribera Rock&Roll” had a good success in all Basque country. We can mention some names of the songs like “We don’t care”, “La hora 0”, “Deskontrol” of the first rough cut and of the second one we can find “Potrotaino”, “Okupados”. This last succeded.

In 1994, in hands of Suicide records, would appeared their first official disc whose name was “Arde Ribera”. It contains some songs like “Cualquier día” and “Mi primer amor” which are well-known not just in the Basque Country also in Spain.

In 1996, appeared their followed work which was called “Los muertos de siempre”. We can see that the name is rather frightening but it is just the way the play their songs, which are too hard.
“Los muertos de siempre” was also in hands of the suicide records. However,it was produced by Fernando Madina the singer of Reincidentes another rock-punk basque band.

In 1997, one of the members of the group decided giving up the band and was substituted by Jabitxu who already sings at the moment. He plays the guitar.

After the concert they gave on the 19th January of 1998 in Durango which was a live concert gain in supporters.
Therefore in 2007, they came up with the idea of recording in video a live concert. Durango was the elected place for it. The managed to have around 8000 people, just a huge amount of fans, we can see.
By then, they did not know whether they will continue playing music. Although after seeing how much followers they had, they decided to continue.

In 2009, was shot up “ La kemos liau”. We can see songs like “Demokrazia”, “Ke lo voy hacer” and “Akatu” between others.

To finish with we must know that the band is growing in its followers in all the state and all over the world. Actually, they are pretty known in Catalonia.


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