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The Diary of Anne Frank

With the title of The Diary of Anne Frank is known  the edition of the diaries written by the Jewish girl Anne Frank (Annelies Marie Frank) between June 12, 1942 and August 1, 1944 in a total of three notebooks preserved at present,  which tells her story as a teenager and two years time when he had to hide from the Nazis in Amsterdam during World War II.

At first they lived in Germany and moved to the Netherlands for work reasons, they felt safe and free, but when World War II broke out and in 1940 when the Germans invaded Holland, the Frank family hiding with another family in an attic Amsterdam, where worked Otto Frank.

But in 1944 are betrayed by someone and are arrested and sent to Auschwitz concentration camp. Only Otto Frank survived the camps, the other seven are hidden death. Hermann van Pels died in the gas chamber, Auguste is pushed to the tracks of a train during a transfer. Others die from starvation and disease. They never managed to shed light on who was the informer.

In 1945, after the liberation of Auschwitz, Otto returned to Amsterdam. Arrives with the hope of finding Anne and Margot alive, but he learned that they have not survived the invasion. Then somebody delivered him the papers that make up diary of Anne. Anne wanted her diary was published after the war, and that desire finally fulfilled. In 1947, after the war, Otto Frank is determined to fight for human rights and respect. He  annswered thousands of letters from people who have read the diary of his daughter. This is translated into several languages and is the subject of a play and a movie. Around the world people know the story of Anne Frank and is very impressed.





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