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Social networks such as Facebook,Twenty or Twitter,create lazy individuals and social imbeciles.



Trees are not the only ones who take roots. We are anchoring our lifes, our future, our world, to a simple and silly “computer and I relationship”. Social Networks are becoming our strongest roots, inmersing us into a lazy and non-working society.

Since social networks such as, Facebook, Twenty or Twitter appeared, our society has become much lazier and passive than it was a decade ago. This clearly means, that with the emergence of these kinds of networking sites, people is even less likely to hang out for the beach on a sunny day or go out with friends to take some coffee, due to the fact that the idea of staying in front of the PC sounds much more appealing to them than spending time in real life.

Therefore, as it seems that social networks have somehow worsen our lifestyle, we should consider whether it is worth wasting time posting comments on a friends wall or sending private messages to your best friend, when you have the possibility of talking to them face – to face.

I do believe that these sites play an important role when you want to keep in touch with someone you’ve met in summer holidays, or old school friends you don’t see in your everyday life routine. Nevertheless, we ought to learn how and with whom to share our personal information, our pictures and profile data, as the cyber world is pretty huge and keeps increasing more and more each day.

Moreover, from my point of view, I would say that, if you carry on adding friends to your social networks and keep on wasting time talking to people virtually instead of speaking with them in real time and place, you would not success in making new relationships, as you won’t know how to act, react or speak to a person face-to-face.







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