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International actors, International Relations

For those who do not know what an international actor is, I am going to explain the meaning to this basic concept of International Relations subject (touch by Maria Jesus Cava).

In the complex system of interactions where it is developed the actual international life, the role of international actors is fundamental. The international society is defined in function of the role that each actor plays in it.

The work of the international organizations is every day more important in the international relations (ONU, OTAN, OCDE,…). We call them transnational forces that group the nongovernmental organizations (Amnistía Internacional or Greenpeace) and multinational companies.

The cast of international actors does not finish here, it has to be mentioned another type of organizations also. These ones have a diverse character: religious (the Catholic Church), political (International of parties), of care and humanity (Cruz Roja), sporty (FIFA),…

Now we will see an example of international actor, Greenpeace.


As it is said in the official we page:

Somos una organización ecologista y pacifista internacional, económica y políticamente independiente, que no acepta donaciones ni presiones de gobiernos, partidos políticos o empresas.

Nuestro objetivo es proteger y defender el medio ambiente y la paz, interviniendo en diferentes puntos del Planeta donde se cometen atentados contra la Naturaleza. Greenpeace lleva a cabo campañas para detener el cambio climático, proteger la biodiversidad, acabar con el uso de las energía nuclear y de las armas y fomentar la paz.


* Definition of international actor by José A. Sotillo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid): http://www.ucm.es/info/eurotheo/diccionario/A/actorinternacional.pdf

* Official web page of Greenpeace: http://colabora2.greenpeace.es/contenido/?/que_es_greenpeace/

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