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Historia de NAVARRA, el estado vasco, as a reference for our wikipedia article

title page of the bookAfter being looking quite a long time for bibliography in google books, and have not found anything, I came up with this interesting work about the history of Navarre by Mikel Sorauren. Althoug the book, Called Historia de NAVARRA, el Estado vasco, and it is also available in Google books, although it has not e-books.

Although the bok is a general history of Navarre, from prehistory to nowadays, there is a quite good section on the Carlist wars, treating it from an independent point of view, regarding the historic precedents and the results for the basque, and has also a good synthesis of the carlist ideology. This book is quite recent also, it was published by Pamiela in the year 1999, and its second edition was done the following year. The third edition of this book was done in 2008.

The author, Mikel Sorauren (Iruñea, 1946) is a navarrese historian and politician, member of the Nabarralde foundation, which aim is to revive the navarrese conscience. Sorauren is currently retired, but it has worked as a teacher in a secondary school in Iruñea and as the coordinator of the contemporary history of the University of Navarre. He also was elected as a member of the navarrese parliment between years 1979 and 1983. The author has also done a book about the carlist wars (Fueros y Carlistada. Nabarralde, 2009). He also has worked with other authors in some other books about history of Navarre.

To sum up, although this book is about general history of Navarre, this is one of the best works we can use as references for our wikipedia article.

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