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Henry Moore

Henry Moore is a postmodernist artist bornt in a town near to London, in 1898. This artist is well-kwnown due to his drawings and sculptures, actually, because of these last ones.

His style was basically interprated with aerodynamic forms in the drawings and also in the sculpttures. Surrealist, espresionist, impresionist and cubism features were present in his works. He was compared with Picasso as he had his influenced thought he managed to find his personal style. In all of his sculptural works, the values were well focused; mass coherence and volume; balanca and rythm and the from and space were quite important to express the emotions.

A quotatoin of what he said when he was alive:

“In my opinion, everything, every shape, every bit of natural form, animals, people, pebbles, shells, anything you like are all things that can help you to make a sculpture.” [1]

“Art is the expression of imagination and not the imitation of life”[2]

  • Julian Stallabras, Javier Gonzalez de Durana, David Mitchinson . Henry Moore : [erakusketa] Bilboko Arte Ederretako Museoa, Ekainaren 22 – Abuztuaren 12 . 1990 Erakusketak , ikasketak eta konferentziak.
  • Erich Neumann. The archetypal world of Henry Moore . Bollingen Series. 1985. Princeton UniversityPress.

[1] Henry Moore as quoted in Five British Sculptors (Work and Talk) by Warren Forma, 1964.

[2] Henry Moorene aipua, BBC aldizkarian dagoena topatu dezakezuena.

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