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Wikipedia adventure

Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, has been our territory of study during the last weeks. The main target was developing a complete article or improving and translating an already published one, that is to say, the objective was immersing ourselves in this deep and global ocean in which lots of information swim constantly. And, honestly, the aftermath has been pretty satisfactory.

In my groups´s case, our first approach to Wikipedia started with the enlargement of the Chinese and English publications about the film Spring Subway. Our next step was creating the Spanish, German, French and Basque version of this specific film and translating the containing information into the selected different languages. This proccess has suppossed quite an effort since we have tried to maintain the essence of the original text while adequating it to a natural passage in each version. Once the texts were entirely edited, we moved on to the next chapter: changing the articles to Wikipedia format. This meant creating a new account in the free encyclopedia and becoming a collaborating volunteer in this global proyect. So time to get down to business!

The fact that we all were already used to wiki format helped quite a lot; in addition to this, Wikipedia has a really useful introductory help point which is easy to access from the first time you get into the encyclopedia. Moreover, taking some other articles like models to our own work has been advantageous, as it has shown us the best way to develope our new texts. This latter idea has also been vital in order to attach our film´s information table and to upload the poster´s image. Consequently, we have managed to create new uniformed articles that will improve one of Wikipedia´s aims: offering multilingual information about an specific topic. In a nutshell, the Wikipedia adventure has let us open a new world of almost unlimited possibilities based on collaborative principles and, from now on, we will definitely make the most of this opportunity!

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