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Posting in Wikipedia: An adventure

One of the projects we must achieve in Information Management was the creation, or, in my case, the translation of an article of the English Wikipedia to the Basque Wikipedia. Firs of all we were asked to write a draft in Information Management´s webpage, where we basicly translate all the text, without caring about the other Wikipedia´s stuff, like templates. Until the time to transfer it to Wikipedia came, all was fine, but then, we saw ourselves involve in a big adventure: Wikipedia and Wikipedia´s editing world.

First of all we started creating an account. Due to the vandalism actions made by some of our classmates, we were not able to sign in with classroom´s computers, so we created it at home. After that, in order to start editing the new post safely, we copied and paste it in the sandbox. It was funny playing with the configuration and the templates, and when a problem appeared, it was really easy to solve it. Using and reading Wikipedia´s help page we learned quickly.

So, after learning how to edit, the time to post it in the “real” Wikipedia came. It was really really easy. We used the article wizard, which in few steps allowed us to create a completely new Wikipedia article (a sinple but an usefull one). There it was! Our first Wikipedia article. It was created, categorized, wrote, with title and sources. Just with some clicks and keys. But the trip did not finish there.

The same day the article was published, there was people who helped us, editing things, and creating and using templates. Thanks to Marklar2007 and Joxemai users! It was amazing to saw that collaboration spirit. We knew Wikipedia was a collective wikispace where people can collaborate when and how they want, but we did not expect it.

Creating a Wikipedia article has been the best exercise of Infoman1112, because it is not only useful for us, but for other posible users or readers too. It has been a really enriching experience which has teached us two important things:

  1. Wikipedia is a collaborative space, where anyone can help, full of users who are ready to help
  2. At the same way you use Wikipedia´s content, you should create more content (if does not matter if it is a short article, or and new edition of an existing one), because is the only way to show your gratitude to the users

Finally, if someone wants to read the article, here is the link:

  1. May 14, 2012 at 7:31 am

    Xabi, you forgot to mention the article itself?

    In Time (filma) http://eu.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_Time

  2. May 14, 2012 at 9:21 am

    Yes, sorry. I thought I put it in a link… I will edit the post, do not worry

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