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Digital curation, babes digitala

Digital curation kontzeptuak oraindik garatzen dirau; definizio  zehatz bat ematea zaila bada ere,  “Digital Curation and Trusted Repositories: Steps toward Success”-en Christopher A. Lee eta Helen R. Tibbo-k hurrengo esanahia eman diote:

Digital curation involves selection and appraisal by creators and archivists; evolving provision of intellectual access; redundant storage; data transformations; and, for some materials, a commitment to long-term preservation. Digital curation is stewardship that provides for the reproducibility and re-use of authentic digital data and other digital assets. Development of trustworthy and durable digital repositories; principles of sound metadata creation and capture; use of open standards for file formats and data encoding; and the promotion of information management literacy are all essential to the longevity of digital resources and the success of curation efforts.

Digital curation-a digital aktiboaren selekzio, babes, manteinu, bilketa eta artxibaketan datza beraz, eta hurrengo praktika hauek ahalbidetzen dizkigu:

  • Digital content is captured for long-term use and its integrity assured.
  • Researchers can find and use digital content for secondary analysis.
  • Digital content is available in an appropriate form for the designated community.
  • Privacy is protected for research subjects represented in data.
  • Digital content is secured in online, near-line, and offline storage.
  • Digital content is stored in preservable formats for current and future use.

Christopher A. Lee eta Helen R. Tibbo-k babes digitala (digital preservation) digital curation-en azpi-kontzeptu giltz bezala identifikatu izan dute. Babes digitalari hurrengo esanahia ematen dio Wikipedia Entzilopedia askeak: “se basa en la búsqueda de soluciones para conservar aquellos documentos digitales almacenados, sea cual sea su formato, el software, hardware o sistema que se utilizó para su creación, manteniendo así la información pese a los rápidos cambios tecnológicos”.

Garrantzitsua da baita content curation eta content aggregation-aren arteko muga eta desberdintasunak azpimarratzea; eta klaseko set4-an adierazi dudanez, “aggregation must be understood as the bringing together of content from various sources, while curation is about organizing, maintaining and adding value to a body of information for current and future use”.

Content curation eta informazio filtroaren arteko lotura estuaz, honela mintzo da Tony Karrer, “It’s very hard to separate social filtering from curation. Automated aggregation without curation, is mostly spam; and so, the suggested solution is in the mix, a combination of both, human curation and machine aggregation, because both have their own limits”.

Neil Beagrie-ren laneko konklusio interesgarri batzuk aitatuko ditut postari amaiera emateko eta gaia ixteko;

Significant effort needs to be put into developing a persistent information infrastructure for digital materials and into developing the digital curation skills of researchers and information professionals. Without this, current investment in digitisation and digital content will only secure short-term rather than lasting benefits.


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