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Writing about a writter

Nora Roberts is a bestselling American author that has fought to erase the women’s stereotypes. She fought against “machismo” or “machoism” through her novels and she took part in this fight in hard times in which being a female writter was absolutely strange. We think that she has been one of the pioneers of the feminist movement against all the odds and this is the main reason for choosing her and her books to write a Wikipedia article in Basque, since Basque people ought to know about her too. Wikipedia has no article about her in this language and we thought it was a great idea to provide this information to other Basque speakers. We have learnt a lot about the writter but also about information management since we have been working in our wiki and in Wikipedia. Between all the knowlegde we gained doing this exercise we could underline the ability to create a common page in a wikipage where we could all contribute, the skill to submit this information to Wikipedia and to provide it to the general public and the collective building of an article with other Wikipedia members.

At the first stage we created the group and we selected the topic we were going to deal with in the article. This was a difficult task since we had different interests. After discussing it for a long time we decided to do something related to our degree and we wanted it to be something special, so we chose Nora Roberts. The main problem we had is that we did not know how to create a page in our wiki for the article. Then, we realised that we had to write the name properly written with the Infoman format and the wiki would create it for us. After realising this, we were ready to submit our work and edit there all the changes.

When our article was finished in our Infoman wiki, we created an account in Wikipedia. This supposed an achievement for me because I had never created any article for an organization as Wikipedia. I must acknowledge that it was interesting because I have looked for many other articles in Wikipedia and it was shocking to imagine myself creating one of those articles.

When we submitted the article, we looked at the history of the article and saw how a robot called GedawyBot was controlling our article. The next day, when we aimed to put a photograph of Nora Roberts in the article, we realized that the photo was already in our article and that it had been improved by a member called Marklar2007 .

I think that it was not until this moment that I realized what collaborative building was. I did some contributions about this topic, and I even wrote the definition of it in my class record, but I did not realize about it until our article was improved and checked by other members. I should say that I have learnt what collaborative building is and how it works and apart from that, I have got used to using the web to manage the information instead of using other tools that I could lose or break such as pendrives or notebooks. Consequently, I agree with the idea that Wikipedia explains us about the usefulness of the team work and I would apply this to the information management through the web:

The overall goals of team building are to increase the teams understanding of team dynamics and improve how the team works together. Unlike working as a group, working as a team incorporates group accountability rather than individual accountability and results in a collective work project. Team-building encourages the team approach to working on a project. There are many advantages to this approach.


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