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The Wikipedia experience

Taking part in Wikipedia has been an unforgettable experience. It is quite an experience to notice that so many people try hard to make Wikipedia a serious and intellectual encyclopedia. If something is not written as an encyclopedia, they do state that it should be written in another way, and it is great to see that people care about it. It is interesting to notice that not only one person writes the article, but many people do it at the same time, which is one of the most enrichening elements Wikipedia has.

We had our articles’ drafts already planned and written down in our Littera Wiki  so we really only had to transfer them into the real Wikipedia. What really amazed me the most is the speed with which people work at Wikipedial. Just a few seconds after having uploaded our version, corrections appeared all over the article by people and even robots. The links were corrected almost intantaneously, as they were external links which were turned into internal ones.

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Writing about a writter

Nora Roberts is a bestselling American author that has fought to erase the women’s stereotypes. She fought against “machismo” or “machoism” through her novels and she took part in this fight in hard times in which being a female writter was absolutely strange. We think that she has been one of the pioneers of the feminist movement against all the odds and this is the main reason for choosing her and her books to write a Wikipedia article in Basque, since Basque people ought to know about her too. Wikipedia has no article about her in this language and we thought it was a great idea to provide this information to other Basque speakers. We have learnt a lot about the writter but also about information management since we have been working in our wiki and in Wikipedia. Between all the knowlegde we gained doing this exercise we could underline the ability to create a common page in a wikipage where we could all contribute, the skill to submit this information to Wikipedia and to provide it to the general public and the collective building of an article with other Wikipedia members. Read more…

The locomotive and the astray carriages


Economic crisis and international reations

Hereby I do not intended to do a paradigmatic paper in the study of the crisis in relation to politics and international diplomacy, as well as I do not trust the plethora of ominous books promising to give the solution to the crisis. Notwithstanding, I would like to arouse the itch for further investigations ad inquerendum. The economic crisis has become a political crisis [1], and I am on the point of making it plain. Read more…

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