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Turkey, the torn state.

The references taken for the wikipedia article have relation with Turkey, and more closely with the particular type of state that Turkey is, a Torn countrie.
This sources are very important because they all are very related with the concrete case of Turkey as a torn countrie. The objective is to explain why Turkey is a torn countrie,so, many sources have been chosen in order to contrast different point of views:

  • A political point of view, related with the adhesion of Turkey to the European Union.
  • A religous point of view, related with the relationship between de differente predominant religions in the countrie, Islamism and Cristianism.
  • And finally, an historical view, which will try to explain why Turkey is what it is nowadays in order to it´s history.

Also, Samuel P Huntington´s “Clash of civilizations” has been choosen because he predicted that nowadays some states as Turkey will appear in orther to inmigration and the different political situations during the history. An experts in this kinf of topic on Huntingto´s magnitude is basic to do a a very contrastes article.

Even if Huntingtons is probale the most important expert, they have also been choosen other experts on this topic and their most relevant works in orther to do as best as possible. It´s important to know about Pablo Gómez´s “Turquía el final de una época”(39/9/11) and Zeyno Baran´s “Turkey between Secularism and Islamism”(2010).

To sum up, our references will be our best guide to improve the original article and to make the best translation posible. It is imposible to tal just about one reference because they are all very related in this topic. So, as well as that ones, this are the sources used for the wikipedia article:

*Centro superior de estudios de la defensa nacional, “La adhesión de Turquía a la Unión Europea”, Monografías del Ceseden.
*Baran, Zeyno, “Torn country: Turkey between Secularism and Islamism”, 2010, Board of Trustees of Leland Stanford Junior University
*Comisión Europea:”Informe periódico 2000 de la Comisión sobre los progresos de Turquía en el camino de la adhesión”, COM (2000) 713 final, p.4
*Gómez, Pablo “Turquía, el final de toda una época.”, 30 de agosto de 2011.
*Huntington, Samuel P, “El choque de civilizaciones”, 1997, Ediciones Paidós Ibérica.
*Stampa Piñeiro, Leopoldo, otros. “Turquía a las puertas de Europa”, Instituto Español de Estudios Estratégicos, 2006, Ministerio de Defensa.

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