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The clockwork orange

Stanley Kubrick’s A clockwork orange based on the novel by Anthony Burgess is one of the good references about this film. I think it is a good reference because, on the one hand, you have a comment from the author, Kubrick : “I have always wondered if there might be a more meaningful way to present a book about a film. To make, as it were, a complete graphic representation of the film, cut by cut, with the dialogue printed in the proper place in relation to the cuts, so that within the limits of still photos and words, an accurate (and I hope interesting) record of a film might be available…This book represents that attempt.”

On the other hand you also have information about the author (when and where he was born) and about the film.
I selected this reference because I think that the quotations that it has, gives relevancy to this page. You can find links to other pages and books about Stanley kubrick, the author of the film, about Anthony Burgess, the author of the novel, and some books related with the clockwork orange.

Other important reference that I found is from google scholar. It is from the book The Explicator, “Burgess’ a clockwork orange. The author is Daniel J. Beirne from Joseph’s University. The fact that it is an academic studio from a university makes the text relevant.

Anthony Burgess.http://www.biografiasyvidas.com/biografia/b/burgess.htm. Retrieved 20 March 2012.
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