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Relevant sources on Jay Asher

When I came across with the american writer, Jay Asher, I instantly wanted to know more about him. Unfortunately, the information given by Wikipedia wasn’t deep enough to follow his carreer so I decided to seach more about his work.

From his most famous novel, Thirteen reasons why, I found it necessary to analyse which had been his influences or “reasons why” he decanted himself in favour of youth public, instead of adult public. The best way of answering this cuestions was finding an interview made to him, and that is exactly what I got after making some reseaches. This kind of interviews provide a large amount of information about the author that other kind of sources just can’t, such as life experiences or data about their personal motivations and explanations about the novels they’ve written.

In the interview I found, for instance, we are provided with the response of why he began writing stories for young people, and also an explanation of where did he take the ideas to write his latest novel:

What prompted you to write stories for young readers?

I took a class in college called Children’s Lit. Appreciation. For my final project, I wrote a picture book titled “Stop, Easter Bunny! You Forgot Something.” The book never sold (shocker, I know!), but I was hooked.

What was your initial inspiration for writing this novel?

I took an audio tour at a museum several years ago, and I felt that would make for a fascinating way to format a novel: someone’s recorded voice leading another person on a journey through their town.
So that’s the inspiration for the way the story’s told, but the main issue in the novel was something of interest to me because a close relative of mine attempted suicide when she was Hannah’s age. Since then, she and I have had many conversations about her state of mind at the time as well as how she may not have seen things exactly for what they were.
When the novel’s format clicked with the subject of a girl discussing her reasons for taking her life, it gave me chills, and I knew I had to explore that idea some more. [1]

Therefore, when searching for sources to write a good academic paper, even though it is just a translation of a already written paper, we must make sure that what we are reading it is properly contrasted and verified. For this reason, it is preferable to look up in Google Scholar or Google Books, or in a reliable blog and official site.


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