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Jack Johnson, the new icon of Surf & Beach culture

Looking back to the 50’s or 60’s, when californian beaches were full of surfers lying on the shores and listening to the Beach Boys, nobody would imagine that a man named Jack Johnson, aged 36, and with acoustic genres would revolutionize the concept of Surf music. Therefore, we will take a trip trough the last decades, in order to explain the main changes on the evolution of the surf & music culture, and we will end at Jack Johnson’s works, which nowadays have undoubtedly become very popular and listened.

Among other books cited on our Wikipedia article, we will also borrow or extract some information from the book Jack Johnson Anthology; which has 43 tales and lyrics from 43 songs written by him. We found this source useful due to the fact that it is always quite interesting to show expert and own voices, such as the ones of the studied subject. Jack Johnson’s Anthology, particularly,  is written by himself,  and all collaborations are made by him. It is edited by the famous Cherry Lane Music Company, and it is published in 2009.

Finally, my group and I expect Jack Johnson’s Anthology, and some other primary sources will help us to make a correct, reliable and trustworthy article on Wikipedia.

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