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Chinese Cinema, Spring Subway

The sources selected for our Wikipeida article for the subject Infomation Management are all related to Chinese cinema. These sources are valid and important because they all mention and explain different points of view about making Chinese movies as well as the evolution of this kind of cinema. The most representative author is Rey Chow, Whose book “Sentimental fabulations contamporary Chinese films”, has been based on a research at the Radliffe Institute (Harvard University), and tells us about how the Chinese cinema is adopted to social classes.

In addtion, related to the evolution of Chinese films and following Ying Zhu and Seio Nakajima’s book, “Art, politics and commerce in Chinese cinema”, 2005 marked a high point in the recent history of Chinese film industry. The number of films produced reached 260 over the 212 films produced in 2004. Moreover, the writer Laikwan Pang, author of the “Building a new China in cinema”, explains that the Chinese cinema is a good example because it is deeply intertwined with the multiple social and personal concerns of the filmmakers and the spectators.

The last and most important source for our Wikipedia article is the book “Chinese national cinema” by Zhang Y. Following the author, The paradigm of national cinema in China seems utterly inadequate. China consists of three territories and these complicate the national situation. Zhang Y. sums up that the “Chinese Cinema” turns out to be a problematic designation.


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