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15-M Movement “Indignados”

More than 10,000 protesters gathered last May in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol square to demand jobs, economic equality, and “real democracy”, that in some way were quite similar to Middle East uprisings. Much of the movement was coordinated by the youth organization “Democracia Real Ya” or online, which has used the cry of: “We’re not merchandise in the hands of bankers and politicians!”
This is a curious and surprising movement, and that is why in this article we are going to analyse the main sources of information related to this topic, and its relevance in all aspects related to the movement.

One of the sources we have chosen is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a wonderful tool to have a first reference to know what the topic is about. From that point, it could be seen that the principal articles have only 3 different languages, that is why we think that we need to complete and enrich that article. Wikipedia can also give a interdisciplinar point of view as well, because it is based on multiple edition, and that makes the article being corrected more perfectly.
The second source, is a book writen by Fernando Cabal, called Indignados 15-M . More than a text book is a esquematic and ilustrative. This source is quite important because it summarised the basic actions and thoughts of the 15-M movement. The selection of that source is because with it, we could get the information directly from the horse’s mouth. In other words, that book’s author is one of the activists of the movement. That is why the book is relevant, for contrasting with other more objective sources. At the end of the book, it could be find lines with which we could clearly guess that author supports the movement.

As a third source, the organization’s web page ‘Movimiento 15-M’. This is also a significative source of information for the movement. The “Indignados” created a web page where all their activities and demonstrations were announced. It provides also information about the birth of the 15-M and the consequences of all the movements along the country. The movement is global, and in it everyone could participate. There is no specific political, economical or social class to participate. Anybody who agrees with the idea that “the country need a change” could take part. The idea is that this page is created by persons who support the movement and want it to grow.

Puerta del Sol

The fourth source is a book writen by Alejandro Córdoba, “Valores Éticos: la posibilidad de lo imposible”. The main topic is not the 15-M movement, the author talks about ethic values and analysed the development of the society related to people’s uprisings and the social behaviour. One of the example used by the author is the “Indignados” movement. He analysed 15-M wondering how it could emerge from the society and why. The author also critized the movement, the disadvantages and bad facts. He talks about the consequences, and mentions the “Reasons for disenchantment”.

“La reflexión suscitada es lo que importa. El hacernos ver que hay razones para la indignación. El aldabonazo dado para que despertemos. Ese es el mérito del 15-M y no cabe esperar de él nada más.”

Finally, Democracia Real Ya, the last source. “Democracia Real Ya” is another web page, very simmilar to 15-M organization’s web page. The point is that this peculiar movemnt has been renowned with different names (Democracia Real Ya, Movimiento de los Indignados, 15-M , SpanishRevolution…) And that is why there are different web pages related to the movement.

Because of its hetereogenity, the movement nowadays has a quite poor power in the society. Nevertheless, some people are still gathering (thanks to microblogging) for special purposes and different kind of injustices. It will be seen what is going to be the future of this indignated society.


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· Organización 15-M, created in 2011 – http://movimiento15m.org/

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· Democracia Real Ya http://www.democraciarealya.es/

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